Young entrepreneurs will become the main force of rural construction

no matter when, youth is always the backbone of the country’s development and construction, in the field of entrepreneurship is also true. To guide the future development direction of young entrepreneurs, we can grasp the economic development of the ship’s rudder.

2 11, lunar new year, zhouweishuji Zhang Zheng continues to lead the research group deep into Huilong town Xingren County gold Tamura, and return home new year young migrant workers exchange their employment and entrepreneurship, home building understanding and feeling. Zhang Zheng proposed to achieve the synchronous well-off, the key is to solve the problem of good who rely on, the majority of migrant workers should give full play to the role of youth entrepreneurship in the heart of the homeland, and love of their homeland, lead folks, self-reliance, new rural multiplication, with industrious hands the construction of industrial projects doubled, talent doubling, revenue doubled create a new life, happy.

"all in your village outside the business of young workers, since the door is mainly about you? How many years?" Zhang Zheng said.

"completely different, because there are great differences between the standard of living."

"teaching is not the same, where high family income, school conditions better than us, teaching quality is also very good. And they play the way is not the same, the new year when they want to travel around, go to different places to contact different horizons."

"concept is different, because we always think of the old new year is home to many kinds of corn, rice, and big city in the old man thought is the Chinese new year to go out to play……" The villagers answered.

What are the skills of operating underwear chain stores

every woman needs underwear, like a guardian, plays an important role, if you need to open underwear shop some skills. With the development of the times, the underwear market has been expanded, choose to open a chain of underwear stores, so that entrepreneurs make money. How to operate the underwear chain stores? To the bottom line, some things still need to pay attention.

underwear franchise investment, to vision business, to find a good place in the beginning of the site, is to choose the right underwear brand, so as to ensure the underwear business to carry out more stable. Underwear chain stores how to open the eyes to the original, in the time of purchase to find a unique product to attract the public to come.


purchase is a very important thing, the market so many lingerie chain stores, the competition pressure is very large, in the time of purchase to work, to ensure that the products of different with other home, can have the advantage of more wealth. What are the matters needing attention in the operation of underwear chain stores, we should run more and see more, understand the trend, so that we can have more advantages in the time of purchase.

purchase has the advantage, but also in the marketing color, or no one to buy a good product, naturally can not make money. How to open underwear chain stores? Marketing means to have. Pay attention to personality and characteristics, but also flexible price. A lot of franchise stores are in the price of the article, open underwear chain stores can do so.

many entrepreneurs want investors think the underwear market is very promising, on the choice of the industry, how to successfully operate, underwear chain stores operating cost is not high, a good choice belongs to small business, because the market is hot, so it is a good choice of entrepreneurship. How to open underwear chain stores in the business should pay attention to some of the matters, do a good job in all aspects of the preparation for the success of entrepreneurs more secure

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What are the main channels of purchase

shop need to purchase, for the operator to open the store, you need to use the product and consumers face to face communication, so you want to do a good job of stock, you need to pay attention to what channels are suitable for you. Xiaobian compiled the relevant channel analysis, a look at it.

wholesale market purchase

just shop seller, if your business is clothing store, then you can go around some large service wholesale purchase, to ensure the quality of clothing and the minimum purchase price of goods.

this is more suitable for the local purchase channels have such a big market, they have a certain ability to talk about the price of friend

factory direct purchase

the wholesaler is divided into two kinds: (1) has a bigger, more orders, service can not keep up, but it is difficult for you to talk with them; (2) some small wholesalers good talk, but they have low price, reputation and supply may not guarantee, and the goods are do not know a few hands, the price is relatively high.

this channel for: there are certain supply channels, at the same time have a certain economic strength, the ability to identify the quality of the products of the seller.

Analysis of the

How to open a special bookstore management

line under the bookstore by the impact of open online platform, earnings seem poor. If you want to open a special bookstore, then you need to do a good job in the management of investment management. How to carry out the management of the work? Many franchisees are not very familiar with this, hurry to learn about it.

It can be used

1. book as a carrier of culture, the book business is not outdated, so, the Unlimited Business Opportunities, 2 broad, often due to special offer bookstore book prices low, so easy for most readers, 3 have sufficient supply. Under the condition of market economy, competition is becoming increasingly fierce, and the WTO is approaching, foreign publishing group is the influx of many publishers of books on business that is slightly backlog, which provides Everfount supply for the special offer bookstore.

special offer to run bookstore management is also very important. The first is the management of employees, the beginning of a higher quality staff to hire, through the quality of service to win customers. The second is to improve the system, do a good month (quarter) inventory and a variety of records and advertising, especially in front of the advertising, because the front door advertising can attract more customers.

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How to get a quick start-up business loans

although there are a lot of people have embarked on the road of entrepreneurship, however, want to successfully achieve entrepreneurial shop, in fact, still need to have funds as early as possible. However, it is well known that the speed of the loan is very slow, if you want to start a business to get a quick loan, but also need to pay attention to methods. In fact, there are three ways to start a business to get a loan: bank loans, commercial mortgages, guaranteed loans

bank loans

has the ability to operate or have been engaged in production and business activities of individuals, as a result of business or re start the application of capital requirements, approved by the bank after the effective guarantee of a special loan issued. Eligible borrowers, according to personal resources status and ability to repay the maximum single loan of 500 thousand yuan to support; to do poineering work reached a certain size or become the star of the re employment of personnel, also put forward a higher amount of loan application.

venture loans generally 1 years, the longest no more than 3 years. In order to support laid-off workers entrepreneurship, business loan interest rates can also be in accordance with the provisions of the people’s Bank of the same interest rate to fall 20%, many areas laid-off and unemployed workers business loans can also enjoy 60% discount government.

commercial mortgage

at present, many foreign banks for personal loans, as long as the collateral procedures meet the requirements, the bank will not ask the loan purposes. Need to start a business, you can flexibly use personal consumption loans for entrepreneurship. The amount of mortgage loans generally does not exceed 70% of the assessed price, the maximum loan amount of $300 thousand.

if the business needs to purchase the street commercial housing, can be used to purchase house as collateral for commercial housing loans to the bank, the loan amount is generally not more than 60% of assessed value to buy commercial housing, the maximum loan period does not exceed 10 years. Due to business need to purchase a car, truck, bus, car and taxi operation of the borrower, but also for automobile consumption loans, this loan is generally not more than Car Buying paragraph 80%, the longest period of the loan shall not exceed 5 years.

guaranteed loan


if you don’t have certificates of deposit, national debt, and no policy, but your wife or parents have a steady income, then it can also become a good credit resources. The bank has a special liking for the high income situation at present, lawyers, doctors, civil servants, business unit staff and financial industry personnel are listed as the credit loan preferential treatment, these industry professionals only need to find one or two colleagues can guarantee, the ICBC, China Construction Bank and other financial institutions to obtain 100 thousand yuan the loan guarantee.

moreover, this loan does not require any collateral, assessment procedures. If you have such a family, you can handle it in his name

Nail shop decoration design how to do

is a good site, if you can not have a suitable decoration, can only be said to be a waste of a good shop. For this reason, now many of the store operators will pay great attention to the decoration of the shop design work. So, manicure shop decoration design work how to do?

nail shop is a good decoration is also an important factor in the guests into the shop to do nails, a delicate and comfortable nail shop can give a warm feeling, but also to make business more prosperous. Nail shop decoration design need to pay attention to what issues?

nail shop decoration room design

for 30–40 square meters Manicure shop, in the decoration of the housing body need to pay attention to try to put a bright and spacious feeling to form a three-dimensional space, to cooperate with each other in the ceiling, wall and floor decoration and material, overall coordination.

1. nail shop decoration in the ceiling of the material selection and height to be based on the specific circumstances of the room, the height should be moderate, patterns and colors to be soft, giving a sense of comfort.

2. nail shop floor tiles, wood flooring and other materials can be used. Patterns can be selected three-dimensional graphics, such as diamonds, diamonds, etc., can also be used to line soft water ripples, etc.. Wooden floors to be painted with the overall color of the environment.

3. Manicure shop wall can use soft packing material or coating, and the color should Manicure shop ceiling and floor coordination, but also to match with the Manicure product showcase, as well as the wall posters, pictures and ornaments show obvious.

two, nail shop window decoration design

nail decoration needs to pay attention to the design of the window, the window is the nail shop delivery products and services information. The design of the window should be based on the location, location and orientation of the shop. In the selection of materials and colors should be distinctive, not too bright. Specifically to attract customers, highlighting the nail shop style for the purpose of.

three, manicure shop decoration design

nail decoration need to pay attention to the design of signs, any one of the shops must sign: shop signs, including column signs, signs, signs and other forms of signs. In the design of the signature to the point of view of the clear, clear, to attract customers for the purpose. Signs on the font, pattern, shape to suit the nail shop business and service content, with a new flavor. Night with lights, the effect will be better.

if you open a nail shop, at the same time for the shop decoration design work do not know how to do, then, with the introduction of the following small series, and now you >

The analysis of entrepreneurial rookie wasabi planting prospect

Many of our

kinds of vegetables. One of them is one of the more popular vegetables wasabi, horseradish taste very high nutritional value is also very good is everyone’s favorite dishes, planting wasabi has become many people choose to invest in, if you’re interested in horseradish, just watch the end of the article!

[introduction] varieties of Wasabi also called wasabi, Department of Cruciferae perennial herb. Horseradish growth period is 18 months, the plants are dark green, round petioles pale red or greenish white, long 30-50cm, the total number of leaves was about 62. The rhizome is pale brown terete, length 5-30cm, diameter 2-4cm, the flower is white Bouvardia, indeterminate flowering, rachides shedding traces of tall and big, dark brown pods, seeds. Strong spicy taste, good quality, suitable for sunshine, high temperature conditions.

How to prevent exhibitors participating in deception

exhibition industry in recent years in our domestic development speed and scale is a lot of people are obvious to people, at the same time, there are a lot of city in order to further investment, will hold some merchants exhibition in every year activities.

1. verify whether the exhibition organizers have signed a contract with the venue. The general exhibition hall has its own website, after signing the venue rental contract with the organizers, will be published in the exhibition column. Exhibitors received sponsor promotional book, should first check the Internet, whether to undertake the exhibition hall. Note: sometimes in the actual operation will be part of the exhibition has been held in a certain venue, but because of some of the details of the problem, the organizers and the exhibition hall has not been finally settled, resulting in delays in signing the contract. In this case, exhibitors need to consult the venue of the business can be clear.

2. to verify the materials of the exhibition organizers exhibition title is true. Exhibitors can provide the organizers of the exhibition industry and commerce registration certificate, the name of the exhibition is more consistent. In addition, should also be scheduled or consult the party website search venues exhibition venues, exhibition is the same as the contrast.

3. to verify the titular authority. Before the exhibition directly to the nominal state organs or government departments for consultation and verification.

4. as far as possible to choose to participate in the prestigious exhibition in the prestigious exhibition. In recent years, due to the domestic exhibition hall construction boom, the large number of venues. Some new venues under the pressure of competition, reducing the threshold to undertake exhibition. Some small, non-standard exhibitions in order to reduce costs, but also often choose to rent the exhibition hall is very cheap. And some large well-known exhibition hall, in order to maintain the excellent brand established over the years, reduce financial risk, in the exhibition, have set a certain threshold. Conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the exhibition, and decide whether to sign the contract. Would rather bear the temporary loss than the poor quality of the exhibition. As China Export Commodities Fair Liuhua in the first half of 2005 decided not nearly 10 such small exhibition.

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Open a noodle shop also allows you to easily become rich

we all know that the food and beverage industry is a sunrise industry in many industries, there is a large market demand, much attention to franchisees. Pasta is a common food in our daily diet. Open a noodle shop, choose the right location can bring better traffic.

noodle is the inevitable trend of social development, food and beverage industry in recent years has a very good development, but also get a lot of investors, including the potential business opportunities are constantly by mining, introduces for you below.

the headquarters of the noodle shop has about seventy or eighty kinds, there are noodles, noodles, South Korea, Stir-Fried Noodles with Vegetables Cold Noodles with Sesame Sauce, Rice noodles, rice noodles, fried rice, Hot and Sour Rice Noodles, Stir-Fried Noodles with Vegetables, rice, noodle is mainly aimed at the mass consumer groups, and is suitable for all seasons of the year. The headquarters of the Chinese and Western food culture and the noodle absorb the taste characteristics of a variety of innovative modern formulations, improve the production process and product technology, and constantly innovate to form its own unique characteristics and brand in noodle soup, salad, noodles, Stir-Fried Noodles with Vegetables, Korea, and North Korea cold; characteristics of rice noodle, Rice noodles, Hot and Sour Rice Noodles, fried rice, rice (Stir-Fried Noodles with Vegetables), you have great originality.

brand with its fresh noodle, soup, fresh toppings for features, in strict accordance with the proportion, with the characteristics of toppings and beautiful color collocation to make the whole bowl to delicious shaiyan, let people fall in love.

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