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  • Case analysis of Shanghai love index data and the real number of visitors appear out of the reason

    obtained by

    love Shanghai index and ranking


    The so-called

    since we found it a problem, we need to analyze why the real number of visitors will love Shanghai index data and the difference is so great. For the love of Shanghai index, we can define it by the Shanghai daily times this love search a keyword. According to the author’s experience, this data is often higher than the number of visitors to get real. So why did this happen? The author will briefly talk about love Shanghai index and real visitor data appear a few big difference reason.

    2: search browsing and click on the difference of



    but when we continue to rely on him for data analysis, if you find it there is a problem, is that you get a very high index of the word ranking first, the number of visitors is often through the word index but the obtained data be quite different. A site for example the author, have an index of about 255 words in the search results in the first place, but in fact the number of daily into my site through which a word is less than half, as shown below.

    1: "nominal" search

    The actual flow of

    domestic sex optimization of Shanghai dragon Er Shanghai most love Shanghai index data when regarded as a key index. We will use this data mining for keywords, long tail word choice, the weights of the site analysis and so on, can be said to do the domestic love Shanghai Shanghai index optimization of the people has important significance.

    nominal search refers to some search search but do not click on or turn to the back pages to click. Why is this? The main reason is the search results or the pages of search results and not the content they want. For example, if you are a local Beijing wholesale fruit wholesalers, one day you want to search the Beijing apple market, so you search for "Beijing apple price", but the search results may surprise you, the search results are likely to be Apple’s mobile phone accounts, and no real fruit apple price quotes. Because most of the search search objective is to have the apple mobile phone information, so you can’t find the apple fruit information. Of course, the reason of the index is high there may be some people search the word simply in order to see the rankings, do not click, the most obvious example is "area + Shanghai dragon" the keywords, keywords such as we do a "Beijing Shanghai dragon", the word index is about 400, but when the word your site row to the first page you will find no visitors through the word came in, the reason is that this word has many peers will search, but often no one will go to click.

    Don’t be in love with Shanghai webmaster mistakes interfering with your strategy

    loves Shanghai alone so many Chinese webmaster and Shanghai dragon Er live in the shadow of the day, dare not neglect the match up, only for the home and love as a space for one person, Shanghai Chinese’s biggest search engine, many webmaster was unable to give a sense of security, because of their own mistakes too much, often let the station of life the roller coaster in the rhythm, although love Shanghai mistakes let too much to handle your mistakes, but don’t be interference strategy to love Shanghai.

    love Shanghai three mistakes, the same words, the same page occupy two different locations in the rankings, it can be said that this phenomenon is above second kinds of mistakes sequelae, do not know how many people notice that, since April, the establishment of Shanghai under the two love failure, when the key word ranking home in fact, the home is also involved in another position in the ranking, mean, search for the same word, the same page will have two rankings and snapshots are visible it is as like as two peas, love Shanghai fault.

    still loves Shanghai fault, after this update, after further confirmed that this love Shanghai has been stable, you can go to check your site, so, I write this article as to their own smoked a slap in the face, so that summary updates love Shanghai well, we all know that love Shanghai on Friday updated many snapshots of the number is 5.2, there are 5.6, if often return, should not be the number 5.2, at least 5.6, 5.2, the snapshot of the situation is not a website no more new reasons, what is probably the only reason love Shanghai know, and on Friday the updated keyword ranking is not updated, update ranking is that the morning afternoon hours, ranking website, so love Shanghai today’s update can be said to be in love with The sea on the last update error adjustment, this update is mainly for keywords ranking adjustment, because according to the normal update, today is Tuesday, the day should not be, no matter how I’m sure love Shanghai now is stable, this is everybody should be happy.

    love Shanghai failure, keywords ranking a refresh of a kind, a lot of people have found this problem, different browser query keywords ranking is not the same, the query keyword ranking, refresh once a sample, this may be Cookies, but does not rule out the problem itself is in love with the sea.

    love Shanghai error two, keyword ranking take you to ride the roller coaster, April is particularly obvious, but many old station 5, 6 years in subverting the love Shanghai, the situation is this: it would have been ranked in good standing overnight and next weekly update when the morning is still ranked in the afternoon, and this situation has disappeared for a month, but today was updated, many ranking has been restored, do not know how long to maintain.

    last month love Shanghai mistakes in particular, below I will illustrate:

    after the love song of Shanghai, I have two guesses, first.

    Analysis of Shanghai dragon’s five criteria optimization

    The structure of

    , the first five criteria for the

    search engine ranking principle causes very worthy of our study is that people see in the search results is the most likely time according to the ranking of search results back to search to search information, which is also the director of Shanghai Longfeng work to the state can make our web site as far as possible in the front row.

    4, the website for search engine

    Shanghai Longfeng nature optimization task is to improve the site traffic, but in general, the search engine is more on the website, the more finalists are selected, so the Shanghai dragon director is necessary to understand search engine placement order.

    so, when do Shanghai Longfeng work, these standards and related matters must be a clear understanding, so as to bring a better optimization effect, enhance the site’s ranking.

    not only use keywords in the body of the embedding is very important, and the use of key words is very important in programming language, but the words in the programming language used is often English, and embedded in the body of the key words basically have to follow several principles, that is the first paragraph of two or three time end time again, and finally to the website backstage set keyword label also appears two or three times.

    flow characteristics of

    effect on search weight

    articles are easy to Baixun original, reproduced please specify.

    search engine in a lot of time are in accordance with the characteristics of the page to judge the quality of website, so the search engine for the page "taste" will become an important indicator of

    The structure of

    , the 1 page searchThe

    search engine there is a more flow more easily included features such as the search engine, and push in the buffeting, hits a site will double the growth, benign end this is the website of the Matthew effect.


    website is using the vocabulary characteristics and distribution planning and design and construction process refers to the website of the programming language, a good site construction personnel will be embedded in a large number of search words in the software programming process, and can be linked with the website key file, directly into the search site ranking.

    engine search result sortingThe use of

    second, Shanghai Longfeng optimization of the main tool is the keyword

    website ranking property and the characteristics of 3, the domain name

    a good domain name is a strong attraction for the search engine, after all the search engine for a simple domain name for the close connection with the industry characteristics of the domain name is also very care, this also from another point of view that the Shanghai dragon spirit will run through a web of life always this statement.

    2 siteThe

    Desert resolution ResellerClub domain name registration returns planConstruction of station 10 days

    ResellerClub is Asia’s largest domain registrar, launched last week Chinese website resellerclub/cn, they provide the domain name service, since the agent, so I believe many of my friends care about is back, you should have heard about foreign host back thing, so, ResellerClub domain name registration is what a refund about

    look at the official to introduce you to activate your proxy domain account after the last 3 months of the average amount of more than 100 registered domain name, then the next month to 15% new domain name, domain name registration can enjoy 10 cents each refund preferential refund next month to deposit returns to your account. Look at this estimate, you don’t get it, so, look at the list they’re officially giving,

    7.19, it found the application and cooperation of the special guest. So go to apply, found that the site needs to apply for the record. But I’ve been applying for it, but it has been returned 5 times. The reason is of course the guest site cannot be audited. Consultation everywhere, space providers suggest I shut the station, or else can not pass. How can I easily stop the station, the impact on the site is obvious. And it takes me at least three days to make a pass. It’s a real shock to me. Therefore, the filing is on the side.

    July 14, 2009, it’s 10 days from today. I like many Amoy, want to build their own site, dug the first pot of gold online. The young, you bought the space program. Youmoyouyang built his own guest station, the story is from this day.

    because I have a blog, and the blog article, a video mainly inside, is collected by sh419, but said the video I made is more stylish and popular, and that sh419, potatoes also to search the video is about a Taobao selling TV interview show. So sh419 included that night, and I added my website link to the article. This brings more than 10 IP to my website every day. Maybe it’s a strategic mistake. Blogs read 100IP every day. But I feel lucky. 7.14, the beginning of the day hastily ended.


    ResellerClub enhanced domain agent service, which launched Chinese website, in order to expand the market Chinese, ResellerClub specially offers a month discount for Chinese users, now through the Chinese station registered as ResellerClub customers in advance are lower for different levels of agency accounts, the account activation proxy before September 3rd, you can enjoy the price of the highest level.

    estimates of their official registrations to the purpose of doing so is to enhance the domain name, by means of rebate stimulus domain sales agents, domestic domain agent, but whether there is a rebate opportunity, this is not very clear, and the foreign domain name, host operators, which are done in this field is good, they will try to maximize the benefits, and then return to the agent.

    but can also be seen in the table, if you average three months of domain name registrations for 250, then the target domain name registration you will become 288, when the actual amount of your domain name registration reached only 275, then your next month will not be able to enjoy their rebate plan.

    7.15, this day, open 51 in the morning, surprised to find that sh419 has included the web site home page. Maybe it’s the role of the blog post. This day, I understand a truth. Maybe that’s what we call SEO. The new fast hot news always favored by sh419. But when I look for the information again, I find it so difficult that I can’t wait for it. But I am still on the station to send a log ~ after all, it is other people’s program source code template, only updated to get better included. This day’s IP is still 30 points.


    7.20, Tao guest promotion surprised to find a mask selling 10000 tickets, so I made a post on the Sina women’s forum, surprised to find that selling 10000 copies of the mask, and then finally hit on your site. Just posting less than 2 hours, in sh419 search hot 10000 mask, row first impressively my post. However, the site’s IP is still 20 points, because the blog has been less traffic, and about that topic of video has been flooded.

    7.16-7.18, these days, traffic is still based on blog 10IP and sh419’s one or two IP, and I in some groups or forums promotion, total is still more than 20 IP. And I also tried to build multiple blogs, add video, and add links, but they didn’t work well. Some discouraged, but I still insist on updating the site.



    webmaster lab original article, reprinted please note: www.fixbar

    above, if you three months average domain name registrations for 100, then the target your domain name registrations increased by 15%, next month will be 115, when the actual amount of your domain name registration of more than 115, to 120, they will offer rebates to you 0.10, then 120× you will get a return, $12, hard work.

    A video to change the fate of SKYCC combination marketing software

    news "creative marketing and blue ocean strategy, creating SKYCC hot hot" reported SKYCC combination marketing software sales soared through video marketing. Greatly unexpected, but it is an indisputable fact. On the surface, SKYCC combination marketing software sales soared, is indeed in the video after the release. But this product sales soared, only because of video marketing? There should be some other factors.

    network marketing is of course the manual way is better, but the marketing software in a certain extent and brings convenience to the enterprise network marketing. Especially now the network platform so much, means more and more Internet users access to the Internet, more and more enterprises join the network marketing, network marketing is also increasingly fierce competition. In order to achieve good results, have long range of network marketing, but the manual way is more difficult, so only the marketing software market demand. SKYCC combination marketing software proposed comprehensive network marketing concept, to meet the needs of enterprises.

    video after the release, SKYCC users soared attention, visible this video success. But as a successful product, itself cannot do without marketing, but the product itself is not escape.

    say to the advertising inserts, by video features a IT grass root into the mouth of the name of the product, only in the process of the protagonist in the confessional naturally mentioned, not too much the length of the product introduction, even the pictures are not, do not look carefully, really do not see the slightest trace of advertising however, watching video at the same time, and will remember this product.

    as a marketing software, its role is to assist the enterprise network marketing. Network marketing is based on the rapid development of the Internet, which is based on the Internet, the number of Internet giant is the marketing object, the network marketing prospect is very broad. Now enterprises especially small and medium-sized enterprises are in favor of this kind of low cost, high return and quick way, but really understand the network marketing business is not much, or is the enterprise can not achieve good marketing results manually, so some companies will want to realize network marketing with marketing software, or make better network marketing.

    have to say, the video marketing SKYCC combination marketing software planning is really good. A small cost of production of simple video, simple shooting, ordinary actor, but in the video content to be expressed on the efforts. This is called "confession", a IT grass root by a grass root webmaster IT poor mouth, tells the stationmaster of hardships, poverty, and uncertainty about the future, let’s watch video IT entrepreneurs and webmasters have deep feelings, the video mentioned in the students of the university entrance exam stay in the dormitory, the game of college students, 50 Fen party, IT Wangzhuan workers, poor owners and other categories of people, no matter what kind of people watching the video will feel natural, will pay attention, video’s popularity seems reasonable.

    Do website ranking optimization is the key bottleneck of rocket breakthrough

    how can let the website ranking can get on the rocket? The chain and content optimization mentioned above is only the foundation work, in addition to these basic work well, it needs a fuse, will appear similar to the concept of stock speculation, timely adjust and optimize fully at the bottom. But if there is not a concept to stimulate the main thrust, then the stock is not easy to rise, so to increase website ranking but also need to break through the bottleneck of optimization, which can be from the following three aspects.

    third to do stand outside the optimization for long tail keywords, long tail keywords are generally and the column page, content page combination, so in love with the sea to search these words, are these long tail keywords, from the user’s point of view, only the long tail keywords may enhance the search accuracy and reduce the search time. In doing so, when the content of the page, going through the empathy to refine and improve the long tail keywords, long tail off.

    Shanghai Longfeng optimization staff expect the most is to let the site’s ranking rising, actually rose like most website ranking and the stock market, at the bottom of constant adjustment, looks like the website rankings without any color, but if you seriously do well site outside the chain and content construction, and website optimization framework, you will find the website ranking as the main suddenly pulled up, showing a rocket up let the price trend, corresponding to this is the site of the rankings show upward trend of rocket ranking.

    The first

    second to optimize the long tail keywords, long tail keywords is currently small and medium-sized website ranking breakthrough bottleneck, the key to the increase of traffic to the site, when the site content included is insufficient, how to quickly increase web site, a large range of acquisition is obviously not the right way, but should be made on the topic of the page, the page can not only enrich the website project the content, but also to enhance the brand and the quality of the site, more critical is the topic often and long tail keywords are fused, thus can effectively improve the long tail key word ranking, at this time can also link to these pages within the page, and the import by external links, through the optimization of inside and outside at the same time the model allows the website is increasing.

    should pay attention to the analysis of the defect of the current web site if the site content and structure can’t be picky, you can also analyze the web through some webmaster tools, do not underestimate these analysis, this is actually the key to find the breakthrough point of the website optimization, collected, first look at the site in general, if the site the number included less than 10 thousand, so we should pay attention to increase the content of construction at the same time, increase the content of the site included, only the number included more long tail keywords and exposure rate will be higher, but in the actual process of optimization, there have been more than 500 thousand sites included the number, but the flow is relatively low, this phenomenon not much is the website structure and competition, which is the key to breakthrough.

    How long have the core competitive enterprises can also support two-dimensional code

    I’ll check the

    first, even the two dimensional code field of well-known enterprises, but also did not form a true giant user group. Because the number of figures are not actual users of their propaganda, but the mobile phone software in Android and app store downloads.

    now the two-dimensional code does fire, enter the two-dimensional code industry company has reached hundreds. The two-dimensional code, two-dimensional code of fire, fire? We have 2 famous enterprises in the two-dimensional code, I look up and look up to present snapshots smart, two-dimensional code company.

    two-dimensional code itself as an open-source technology, technical threshold is not too much. The two-dimensional code itself is not the core, and the ability to design two-dimensional code behind the application research and development capabilities and industry solutions is the core.

    , the snapshot is representative of the many two-dimensional code, they did not like WeChat really have a huge user base, as system integrators have such a strong end of industry solutions and software development capabilities. The corollary is to find their own core competitiveness. >

    ?I see

    claims to have 50 million users, 30 million of users said they snapshots smart. In Chinese is currently the only 300 million intelligent mobile phone users, they really have so many users? Even if they turn to so many users, can form the logical profit model of

    second, even accumulated a huge amount of users, in the two-dimensional code field, can form a real business model


    snapshots smart is the first positioning, the development of client users, then try to do solutions, now began to do marketing investment, business direction for more than a year adjusted two times, so confused, almost no profitability.

    I look up to

    and I look up, this is clearly not the snapshot such mobile Internet Co’s strengths, but some well-known software development company in the home. These software companies have deep accumulation in their respective industries, the formation of barriers is not a two-dimensional code that can break the company an easy job to do. Now the software system integrators have been involved in the field of two-dimensional code, once the force, will have a huge impact on the existing two-dimensional code company.

    app according to the general rule, 100 downloads, real active users accounted for only 10%. With the passage of time, these 10% users are gradually lost, need to continue to use the new users to add. Therefore, no matter I check or snapshots smart active users, at best millions, far from being like WeChat millions of level huge user group. Therefore, rely on a large number of users, and then have accumulated profit model can’t become routine.

    actively expand the line database resources, willing to spend a lot of manpower acquisition retail data; in addition access to electricity supplier database, by guiding shopping bring pumped into, but these have been verified is an utterly inadequate measure, do not have sufficient profitability.

    Have ikufumi how to find the keywords conversion rate

    in Shanghai dragon in order to make their keywords bring more benefits. Some webmaster friends one day traffic but not tens of thousands of, to bring their own conversion, not to bring their own income, can only be said to be Bai Huanxi! Some Adsense website one day only 10 a few IP, became a single, but quite a lot of money income. I believe many of my friends have their own website conversion rate and tangled! Today we talk about for a better understanding of this.

    In order to

    first is the choice of some popular keywords, I believe that many webmaster friends like me very greedy, always staring at those very high flow word does not put. Once the logistics two words do the home page, but I think the real needs of not only the input of these two words, from the crowd attributes can see, will lose the words are the counterparts in the Shanghai dragon, the real demand for this is certainly some long tail keywords, the longer the conversion rate in general it is, for example: his mobile phone to change, can input: "what brand of mobile phone?", "what brand of mobile phone cheap" etc.. Certainly not to lose two words of the mobile phone.


    conversion rate, we should look at the long tail keywords, the first reaction which we make products website, service website! Of course I think it started to find tools such as love! Love Shanghai Shanghai index tools, related search, Google keyword analysis tools, Shanghai dragon WordNet chase, chase WordNet I think is a good tool, he can see the long tail keywords search times, keyword competition, if there is a VIP membership, it features even more! We only need to choose those search volume keywords, a small degree of competition, for a new sites is also easier to do go

    of course we can not completely rely on their own feeling most probably it did not actually happen, to optimize the key words, such as: Beijing sound lease which is cheap, feel good, in fact, we have to analyze the ability to analyze data, use the data to speak, then we can look at the website backstage data statistics, a lot of words even that first day no flow, sometimes there is relationship between the keywords with the season, only a selection of a number of a number of optimization and delete, and then select a number, throughout the year are the key words, do not believe that the conversion rate of where to go! Sometimes we can also ask each other what is the input keywords to find us, we must don’t put the customer think so smart, "


    I have a logistics website, for almost 1 years, but the conversion rate is relatively low, every day there are 500 IP or so, the enterprise website competition was very fierce bidding, coupled with the interference to love Shanghai, even if you put a hot key words do natural number one can’t come the number of traffic, because the love of Shanghai almost all bidding monopoly CLICK! So people feel their logistics site every day to up to 500 should be a fairly good IP, why every day of the phone and conversion rate of scanty

    A label to solve the problem of duplicate web content

    贵族宝贝huxiu贵族宝贝/article/127421/1.html f=wangzhan

    the above code into your web page, you can head, column page, content page needs to be placed, in addition to the above URL to replace your URL, if the content page requires a combination of the URL CMS label can call, here is ZBLOG WordPress written.

    almost any of the site will encounter such a situation, through multiple URL can open the same page, for example not do 301 of the domain name, there are some websites need to record the source address, it will add a suffix in the URL, for example, when you open the so贵族宝贝 domain name, will automatically jump to the haosou贵族宝贝 the domain name suffix, but has more than one? Src=so贵族宝贝 things, the above situations lead to multiple sites like URL can open this page. Most sites have such a situation.

    贵族宝贝huxiu贵族宝贝/article/127421/1.html f=index_top1

    can be opened (the actual tiger sniffing the network more than three), we finally decided to let the love of Shanghai included and ranking page is certainly no suffix, but the search engines don’t know what you think, so that there may be three pages are included, may also lead to other pages weight than you expected page right important high, then the problem, repeat such a high degree of page, how do we avoid? We only need a label can be solved.

    ?The three page above

    if your site does not appear accident theory plus the suffix is not much problem, but as a result of the chain, chain and other aspects, recommend a suffix too much, the website may be a suffix ", in addition to the original page will also be judged as a suffix. The page, such as the tiger sniffing network is a good case, the latest articles included page, URL is basically with the suffix. For example tiger sniffing the network following three forms URL suffix.

    . In CMS system, edit the article_article.htm template file in h>

    Methods using the canonical tag

    Canonical is the major search engines (Google, YAHOO, Microsoft) a label with the joint launch of the main role, this label is to make web pages have a standardized, through different URL access content get the same problem, therefore launched this label to solve this problem, the label also love Shanghai the following is the description tag support.



    Basic function search engine crawling and indexing and according to relevance and importance



    search engine has two main functions: crawling and indexing, and on the basis of the relevance and importance of the answer ranking.

    2, provide the answer. Provide the user query, most often through the list of related web pages, searching and ranking.

    at every stop, is its own unique file (usually a web page, but sometimes it is PDF, JPG or other documents). The search engine needs a way to "crawl" throughout the city to find all the stops along the way, so they are using the best path link.

    search engine how to determine the importance of

    through the link, automatic robot search engine, known as the "Crawler" or "spider" can reach billions of linked documents. Once the engine is found on these pages, they will store this information in a snapshot of the way in the mass on the hard drive for users to search queries when needed, the server supports the search engine can complete this great search task, billions of pages in a fraction of a second visit, the search engine has been built the data centers around the world. These huge storage facilities to accommodate thousands of large amounts of information processing machine. After all, when a person to search in any of the major search engines, they need the moment, even 1 or 2 seconds of delay may lead to dissatisfaction, so the search engine to provide as soon as possible.

    search engine is the answer machine. When a person through the search engine query needed information, search engines will be in their own database, search billions of documents, and at the same time to do two things: first, to return only those results relevant or useful search query; second, ranking the results, to provide the most useful results. So, the answer is the search engine provider, "correlation" and "importance" indispensable, Shanghai dragon is to influence these two factors.

    imagine the world wide web

    is a search engine, the correlation means that more is not a simple process to find a page. In the early days of the Internet, search engines do not have to consider this simple factors, the quality of its search results as can be imagined. Therefore, in the process of evolution, intelligent search engine engineers will design a better method to find the valuable results, the search will be more acceptable and satisfactory. Today, Shanghai dragon on the correlation, is the most concern to provide website optimization and keyword ranking skills of people’s.

    1, crawling and indexing. Billions of documents, crawling and indexing pages, documents, news, video and web media.

    at present, important > major search engines usually understand

    network seems to stay in the subway system of a big city. The