Xining city forestry bureau to give full play to business skills, and seriously carry out the projec

In recent years, with the increasing investment of national forestry ecological construction, forestry ecological construction and investment are more standardized

in recent years, with the continuous increase of national forestry ecological construction investment, forestry ecological construction and investment more standardized. In order to actively seek national and province on investment, accelerate the progress of Xining city ecological process, city forestry bureau with Excel, give full play to the business staff working enthusiasm, conscientiously carry out the planning, feasibility study report, the city’s major forestry project implementation plan, project proposal and afforestation operation design projects such as writing books work, the full implementation of the project declaration and construction mechanism.

this year, the city forestry station in the completion of a comprehensive technical guidance, inspection and seedling management work at the same time, to overcome the lack of technical personnel, making the task is heavy, time tight and so difficult to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the work of professional and technical personnel, improve work efficiency, has completed the "climate change to achieve green growth Qinghai city in Xining Province, Huangshui River Basin afforestation project proposal", "Xining million acres of shelterbelt construction project proposal", "Xining city forest seedling infrastructure construction project feasibility study report" "Xining 2010 North engineering technology promotion project feasibility study report", "Xining city in 2009 to consolidate the results of returning farmland to forest afforestation project implementation plan", "Xining city in 2010, the central budget for investment of three North Shelterbelt Project Implementation Plan" "Xining City, the forestry zhongyoulin tending operation design" nearly 40 more than the project proposal, feasibility study report, the implementation of the program, the design of homework preparation work, make a positive contribution to the Xining city for the national forestry project and standardize the construction of forestry engineering.



West 15 projects to create a happy life

reporter from the west district government was informed that this year, West District will continue to arrange 210 million yuan of funds, the implementation of urban and rural construction, education style, social security, social management and services in areas such as 15 projects for the tangible things, efforts to improve the people’s production and living level.

reporter learned that this year, West District will deepen the implementation of the concept of refinement, in the perfect city carrier function, continued to improve people’s livelihood, maintaining social harmony and stability to achieve tangible results, which determine the project for the tangible things in 5 categories in 15, to create a happy life for the urban people.

social security

– plans to invest 85 million yuan, the area will be included in the area of landless peasants pension security, expanding the coverage of social security.

agricultural and rural

– plans to invest 4 million 100 thousand yuan, the implementation of the transformation of the road to the West Village to facilitate the masses travel.

– plans to invest 1 million 930 thousand yuan, the implementation of a total length of 7 km west of the fire drinking water pipeline project to protect the safety of drinking water in the West Village fire.

– plans to invest 2 million 250 thousand yuan, the implementation of the liberation of the village section of the water pipe network transformation project, a comprehensive solution to the problem of sewage discharge along jiefang.

urban construction

– plans to invest 16 million yuan, the new construction of the 37 public toilet, to further improve the urban public health infrastructure.

plans to invest 3 million 640 thousand yuan, covering the area of the area of coal-fired boiler gas pipe network has not been the transformation of gas transformation, further control of coal-burning pollution, improve the area of air quality, optimizing the living environment.

plans to invest 2 million yuan, the implementation of the 71 road Yasuoki residential landscape, street lamps, green renovation project, improve the residential environment.

– plans to invest 1 million 200 thousand yuan, the implementation of the old ruins of the old tiger park facilities maintenance, enhance the overall style of the park, for the general public to create a beautiful leisure and entertainment venues.

educational style

plans to invest 1 million yuan, belonged to the school with drinking fountains, to provide convenient, safe drinking water for teachers and students.

plans to invest 57 million 650 thousand yuan, while the region built Zhangjiawan primary school, solve the landless peasants and residents nearby school children.

plans to invest 35 million yuan, completed the construction of network infrastructure, campus network equipment, update the establishment of public database platform, optimization banbantong support system, further improve the construction of information education area.

– plans to invest 1 million 400 thousand yuan, in the area of public places and the old scattered house equipped with sports fitness equipment, and gradually meet the needs of residents within the area of public health facilities within 10 minutes.

social management and services


Seismological Bureau in the north area to build community earthquake knowledge lecture Bei Xiang

In order to improve the ability of community residents to cope with natural disasters in October 19th morning, the Municipal Seismological Bureau and the construction of more than 80 Bei Xiang community masses community science lectures earthquake, the Provincial Seismological Bureau and Education Center Li Yongjun illustrated vividly explained "when the earthquake occurred, should be how to carry out self-help" and "earthquake escape", "earthquake prediction and earthquake prevention", "how to reduce earthquake losses brought and harm", explained the construction of a harmonious community in the face of disaster in the meaning of "better than distant neighbors, the disaster comes when neighborhood mutual rescue can effectively reduce disaster lossesIn order to improve the ability of

, community residents to cope with natural disasters the morning of October 19th, the Municipal Seismological Bureau and the construction of more than 80 Bei Xiang community masses community science lectures earthquake, the Provincial Seismological Bureau and Education Center Li Yongjun illustrated vividly explained "when the earthquake occurred, how to protect themselves," earthquake escape "," earthquake prediction and earthquake prevention "," how to reduce earthquake losses brought and harm ", explained the construction of a harmonious community in the face of disaster in the meaning of" better than distant neighbors, the disaster comes when neighborhood rescue can effectively reduce disaster losses. Through a large number of international and domestic examples of the disaster caused by the earthquake, to the residents of the scene with great inspiration. To enable residents to understand the earthquake knowledge and emergency hedge knowledge, enhance the ability to deal with natural disasters and emergency response.




Xining West Railway Station opened the window

clean and tidy roads, neat shop windows and orderly running of vehicles…… West Railway Station has become a window to show the image of Xining civilization.

health status worthy of praise

although a large number of visitors every day, the health condition of the railway station still won praise. Reporters yesterday at the train station to see the sanitation workers hand a broom and a dustpan, all-weather non-stop cleaning discarded garbage at any time. At the same time, under the supervision of the Department responsible for the health of the station, the surrounding shop facade was scrubbed a new look, to create a clean and tidy West Railway station.

roads are in good condition

in the train station area, see the car’s shadow, the bus every 5 minutes in order to operate, less congestion on the road more smooth access. It is reported that, to maintain the normal operation of station traffic line, ensure traffic safety, traffic management departments to make great efforts to rectify the station running order, Station Road car was blocked in the car, put the car into a more fixed area standard, bus run is also more reasonable arrangement. I did not expect to take a bus in Xining is quite convenient, walking on the road did not block the road vehicles, traffic conditions are much better than ours." Visitors from Fujian Ding told reporters.

intimate volunteer service won praise

"we do not squeeze, lined up one by one on the train, pay attention to their own things." Volunteers with a small red flag, wearing a sign of volunteer service, directing passengers waiting for the bus. It is understood that the train station every day there are many people volunteered to carry out voluntary service activities here, difficult questions to help station health maintenance, maintenance of traffic order, the answer from the crowd, for the visitors from afar to show the beautiful summer and harmonious cultural atmosphere. (author: Liu Caiying)

Xining industrial and commercial system to carry out the Mid Autumn Festival, National Day holiday f

Xining City Industrial and commercial system "the Mid Autumn Festival, National Day" food market special inspection of law enforcement activities kicked off, the outstanding problems existing in the quality inspections of law enforcement personnel management of the city’s industrial and commercial departments at all levels within the city’s large supermarkets, shopping malls, food stores on the moon cake market in unqualified, excessive packaging, price discrepancies, tying other commodities, adulterated, false representation, fraudulent sales Quejinduanliang, damage the legitimate interests of consumers. And the festival market consumption, consumer complaints and more closely related to the lives of consumers of pork, grain, oil, vegetables, fruits, dairy products, such as a comprehensive inspection of key species.


Xining new residential prices rose 6.1%

Reporters from the Xining National Bureau of investigation team was informed that this year 1-10 month, the city’s new residential sales prices edged up steadily, an increase of 6.1%, down 0.1 percentage points over the same period last year. This year, in a series of policies and measures to limit the purchase of loans and increase affordable housing construction, real estate investment and housing consumption gradually become more rational, housing prices rose steadily running situation. Prices down 1-10 months, the city of new residential sales prices edged up steadily, of which 90 square meters and 90 square meters of new residential prices rose 6.3%, 90-144 square meters of new residential prices rose 6.1%, more than 144 square meters of new residential prices rose 6.1%. At the same time, second-hand housing transaction volume significantly reduced, prices are likely to rise slightly, up 2.2% over the same period last year, down 0.8 percentage points. The reason analysis of the current slowdown, the national real estate market price surge seems not too much affected the real estate market in Xining City, but many in the field to buy a piece of falling sound and rising prices in Xining can not see the price trend, mostly wait-and-see. Market analysis according to the analysis of main problems of the current real estate market in Xining city are: the scarcity of land resources, land acquisition costs in the form of real proportion rising, urban residential environment, the use of energy-saving new materials, increase building materials, labor and other costs, the cost of housing construction investment increased; at the same time, the adjustment of housing the supply structure is not a difficult task, optimize the allocation of land resources, the supply of housing for low-income families is insufficient; in addition, a large amount of inventory to digest inventory will become the main task of the future real estate business. The steady development of proposals to further strengthen the supervision of the real estate market, stable housing prices, and prices at a reasonable level, statistical analysis: according to the market demand, timely adjustment of the real estate development land supply structure and the total increase in ordinary commercial housing land supply at the same time, continue to increase affordable housing and land supply security the amount of housing, and further strengthen the land market regulation, reduce the cost of real estate development; to further strengthen the supervision of the real estate market, stable housing prices, and prices at a reasonable level, the income distribution, tax and finance as a starting point, the corresponding policies, safeguard the public housing needs, reduce the burden of public housing etc..  

Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Red Army in the long march to commemorate the 80 anniversary of

over the past few days, Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Red Army in the long march to commemorate the victory of the 80 annual meeting of the important speech in the province grassroots cadres and the masses caused strong repercussions. We are confident, have said, should seriously study and implement the important speech of general secretary Xi Jinping, in accordance with the requirements of the provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng speech at the 80 anniversary of the victory of the long march of the Red Army, I commemorate the forum, the general secretary Xi Jinping series of important speech especially important speech during an inspection tour of Qinghai as a guide to the great spirit of the long march into a powerful force forward, always focus on "four solid", and promote new progress in the work.

General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "every generation has a long march for each generation, each generation must take their own long march. Today, the long march of our generation is to achieve the "two years" of the goal, to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese dream of the Chinese dream of the one hundred." The Province cadres and the masses have said, to take practical action to implement the "four major solid" requirements, in terms of innovation and development, ecological protection, improving people’s livelihood and the construction of the party, see the new achievements and new progress in every month, every year a new upgrade, a new leap forward, to ensure that the Party Central Committee and Xi the speech of the request, in the land of Qinghai and air plant.

Xining City, Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County of Beichuan Industrial Park Administrative Committee Deputy Director Ma said: "to carry forward the spirit of the Long March, is to put the spirit of the speech of General Secretary Xi as a guide to action to promote local economic development, and take practical action to contribute. Adhere to the priority of ecological protection, to explore the green production, fine management and market-oriented development of the road, fully stimulate the vitality of economic and social development, to better push forward the construction of the chase."

of Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture zhouweishuji Wu Dejun said that the current and future periods, we must unify their thinking and actions to practice the spirit of the speech on the protection and construction of Sanjiang Sanjiang source source, sharing the source of Sanjiang, holding high the banner of "green ecological Thanksgiving, serve the country", grasp the source of Sanjiang national park system pilot "day the name" project, the implementation of Sanjiang source of ecological protection of the two phase of the project, enhance the scientificity, openness, initiative and creativity of regional ecological protection, build national ecological protection demonstration project, the completion of Yushu ecological restoration demonstration area, the first area of harmonious coexistence between human and nature, nature protection area.

"employment work and improve the people’s livelihood, in the future, we will further padded short board employment, actively develop the public record Crowdsourcing all helped to raise public mode, open integrated service platform with low cost, convenience, all elements of innovation and entrepreneurship, open up the new situation of Duocuobingju service work, create more jobs business opportunities for the people of the city." Tan Jixi, director of Employment Service Bureau of Golmud, listened carefully to the important speech of general secretary Xi Jinping.

Delingha circular economy industrial park management committee deputy director Ainde told reporters: "the spirit of the long march is the current reform and development and inexhaustible precious spiritual resources, this spirit, regardless of how times change, conditions change, should inherit;

The more than and 20 Spring Festival cultural feast with you

Spring Festival is approaching, into the north of Xining City, a strong festive atmosphere blowing. To promote the national culture, showing the north area of rich cultural heritage, the north area will be launched in more than and 20 during the Spring Festival cultural feast, let people enjoy the happiness of a family union at the same time, also can feel the deep cultural taste.

City, community residents together to make lanterns for the Lantern Festival lighting exhibition, while in rural areas, dragon and lion dances, Hanchuan caigaoqiao, eight singles with national characteristics of the "soil" program is also stepping up the rehearsal. It is understood that this year, the provincial capital of the Spring Festival and the Lantern Festival cultural activities to "dance happy Xining" as the theme, through cultural activities, to the countryside, Square Theatre performing arts, calligraphy and painting exhibitions, sports and fitness for citizens sent a feast.

rhythm cheerful Guozhuang dance contest, "Xiang Qu Cup" Hercules agricultural skills contest, tasting and other activities Congee with Nuts and Dried Fruits Yu Wen did not go, the spring warmth, civilized and harmonious spring festival · a city theme in action and other activities kicked off. In addition, "sing the north" Chengbei district local folk singing contest, "Spring Festival" Art Tour, to go shopping and other activities have been on special purchases for the Spring Festival exhibition schedule. This month, the North District will also hold exhibitions and activities, excellent fire "fire" four big lantern exhibition, people pay New Year’s call, the Lantern Festival, a happy family "xiaonianye warmth activities, rural township interest Cultural Tourism Festival and other activities, with the public to spend a happy and auspicious cultural flavor the holiday. (author: Peng Nafan health building)

Xining pig supply tends to stabilize hog prices relatively stable

August 19th learned from the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, after a period of labor pains, recently, the city’s pig supply tends to be stable, hog prices relatively stable hovering in the fluctuation of 0.5 yuan.

it is understood that this year, due to a series of factors such as cyclical fluctuations, my hog prices fell sharply, especially in May and June, the price of pig grain (that is, between the price of pork and pig feed price ratio) reached breakeven value 6:1 level, a sharp decline in the meat market not only makes me pig breeding large profits decline, but also greatly dampened their enthusiasm in reinforcing bar. To this end, the city through the 5 regions to closely monitor the meat market, try to avoid the phenomenon of meat cheap farmers phenomenon.

in a period of time, with the impact of the acquisition, the national meat reserves market corn price changes and other factors, the city’s pig supply gradually stabilized, forming a consistent relationship between market demand and actual slaughter, pig breeding income also began to gradually increase. According to the monitoring, a Municipal Bureau of Commerce since August, the city pig factory price has been hovering at 15 yuan per kilogram to 14.5 yuan, down 0.5 yuan only small fluctuations in space; the meat market retail price according to quality vary slightly, one leg of 18 yuan per kilogram, five flowers per kilogram of meat 19 yuan, remained stable overall.