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  • I ranked 100 outside disappear you continue to insist on it

    in 2013, it is Shanghai dragon Er disaster, love Shanghai Lee chain standard, how much the chain Commissioner lost his job? How many links to the sale of the chain, on behalf of other enterprises, many small and medium-sized enterprises  collateral damage ? Love Shanghai update algorithm, as is the user experience better, is that so? Put out a large number of Web sites, user experience is better? I do not think so, those illegal spam station is still safe and sound, standing, bitter is earnest do stand webmaster, but once again fell in love in Shanghai under the sword.



    statistics, although many of the formal site is down right, but in addition to all the website ranking disappear, there is no exception, included normal, normal snapshot, is simply not like be right down, okay, no really, I took his was right to stand down it, look at the pictures. /p>

    website was created 28 days up to now, April 13th on-line, on-line 3 days is love Shanghai included home, 5 days later released the inside pages, 8 days later, the site keywords have a good ranking, about 18 days, the site was down the right keywords, disappear, site title search does not come out, be drop right after my investigation of the space, website, website links, all without any exception, and all sites are original, daily updates, some people will say, is certainly the quality problem of the chain to drop right, I want to say is that the site built up to now have been issued a chain, content based. To see a map:

    love Shanghai 628 from last year, much formal website ranking disappear, keywords ranking disappeared. And even the official brand also kill? Is this the love of Shanghai called for the user experience? Even the official brand word can give rankings, also talk about what the user experience, this is purely an excuse, there is interest. The site is down right, even if the keywords ranking disappeared, brand words have now ranking, site is down right, not to mention brand word keywords and ranking disappear, even in a love Shanghai search site title, not search, I want to ask is, whether it is against the garbage station, or those without combat sites do the bidding of


    as you can see, your website is still relatively fast speed, general website updated content, 1-2 hours will be included, but even if it is included, this article will also not get any ranking, please see below:

    ?According to


    from these indications, do you think this is like a drop right? I feel like being a little bit artificial. I want to say is, when your site encountered such a situation, what would you do? Continue to update daily original content, to send the chain? To be 1-3 months recovery? I believe that cannot persist, it is hard to recover.

    Use some of my personal love Shanghai thumb share

    ? Numerical

    three, love Shanghai will punish cheating on

    a, the introduction of social flow, may increase can increase the degree of communication and make deals.

    C, the display page sharing, can make the number of the page is displayed in the sharing of love Shanghai in the search results page, help users judge web quality.

    B, as far as possible to share love, love of Shanghai Shanghai and Shanghai Post Bar space to love and love, so that we can form a better Shanghai his thumb interaction.

    C, do not always share a QQ with some people, see the QQ operation, after sharing space and micro-blog, second days came at a time, so there is No. Such sharing we will find that their site data is large, but the love that Shanghai did not change the number of thumb. Www.dopv.cn Dong’ou valve network where individual company operations, as is called a do not understand the contents of the customer service staff to operate, you can see the following diagram:

    two, share it skills

    , what is it

    personally think is not, because if this behavior will be punished.

    this is the love of the Shanghai code page that share share code of several. Personally think that after the use of the thumb of Shanghai love, do not understand some of the network users is very attractive, because if you do not use it in others sites, and we use the site. So when we search the page behind there is a thumb, form a kind of love Shanghai recommended feeling, so that users will be more trust in our site. Of course, the thumb inside the larger the number, the impact is even greater.


    a, do not use the same IP to share this one, I believe many people know.

    a small site to users automatically to share is very difficult, this time, you can operate some data. Of course, this is not let you cheat, just for a while to do it under the application effect. So to share the operation to pay attention to what

    love Shanghai thumb, this is the Shanghai dragon world is a little banter call tone. It is the love of Shanghai own development, Statistics website or page is a net share share code number. Is a simple love Shanghai small products, the following is the personal experience of its use.

    at the bottom of the site is 39, while Shanghai is only 6 pages in love. This is to use the same QQ operating results.

    B, to enhance the web crawl rate, this is mainly for the love of Shanghai search engine, using the thumb, the corresponding page included love Shanghai really can play the role of accelerating. This is the love of Shanghai a commitment to use this stuff.


    Let the station master’s art of war and the Shanghai dragon shoes to say goodbye

    – "the article" the webmaster of war

    – "combat" webmaster of war

    stressed: routineer will be beaten. To change the status quo is a method: change! "

    has the potential of water often work out measures to suit local conditions, often visible amorphous. Webmaster webmaster not mercenary, have their own "art of war", a lot of the time, when we see a lot of old Shanghai dragon gives students a share, and dry cargo to your site to do very good, we still feel a dragon Shanghai shoes, if we carefully study and master the correct use of the art of war. Then, we will soon say goodbye and the Shanghai dragon shoes. So today let me borrow the A5 Adsense nets and talk about the art of war, the webmaster.

    " is good at camouflage articles. It is the art of war said "evil" is derived, with the now popular network language interpretation is: B. To deceive the opponent, and while it is not prepared to hit.


    comment: the webmaster in website optimization Shanghai dragon, sometimes encounter malicious competitors on their website to interference, then how do this time? You can’t resolve your competitors, be careful this time that jade and stone burned together, the best is to disguise yourself, try to avoid interference.

    – "rules" of art master

    : Master’s art of war "nine variable"

    commented: "attack Moupian" it is usually webmasters in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, we must analyze your competitors, how much is your website and your competitors? You need to pay how much energy? What needs to be done in order to catch up with and surpass your competitors, so this time to you do know, you might as well do a Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis, diagnosis not only their own website, also diagnose competitor websites and find out the gap, and try to catch up with and surpass your competitors.

    comment: in fact it is Speed is the soldier’s asset., execution, when many of the primary station in the implementation of the site of Shanghai dragon, often put a lot of words are starting up, and then plan how to make traffic God, but the final execution when it is not in place, not in accordance with the Shanghai dragon plan to complete the task because, when you start planning done in one vigorous effort, always full of confidence, but finally tired, relax tired, original content website update speed is slow, the quality of the chain can not keep up. So remember, sometimes win in Shanghai Longfeng optimization execution, win in speed.

    " is the key to explain Moupian attack the enemy we can.

    "combat" one sentence summary is: let your expensive long sheng. Regardless of victory or defeat, dragged on for a long time, the cost is high, very worthwhile, so quick. Drag, but the soldiers of the taboo. So is war.

    "Nine" "

    How to create the user satisfaction with the website

    2, exchange experience:

    3, emotional experience:

    users to your website because users demand, so you have to do is simple and fast to meet the needs of users. We give an example of it, first of all your content is useful, please note it is useful content, how to judge is not useful? I think so, you said the content you don’t need to say anymore, you said you don’t mention the view, you need to say another explanation the summary is surprisingly to winning, meet other sites did not meet the needs of users. Simple and fast, is to make the user access to the content is simple, fast, a step can point to, don’t let users step two.

    users have a desire to communicate, so your site in this area to open sky, the desire to be free for users to communicate, let their questions, ideas, knowledge can exchange place. For example, such as medical websites have to ask, but some also need to blog comments, these are the need to contribute, exchange of experience.

    to give the user the psychological feelings, emphasize the psychological recognition, let the user through the site will have psychological feelings, or let the user experience to the webmaster of emotion, only deep emotional experience, users can remember our website, this website can make their own personality, not others the imitation of others.

    1, quickly find useful content

    1, sensory experience:

    Five end user experience:

    Shanghai dragon circles there is a saying that good "user experience is everything", can be seen in the Shanghai dragon in the optimization of the user experience how important is it! But the user experience is a purely subjective feeling, and user experience in all walks of life are different, so it is very difficult for us to come up with the industry the user experience is what? Today face a problem this user experience, and Shanghai dragon media from commonness to introduce, enlighten the brain, let everyone know how to create the user satisfaction with the website

    2, a distinct theme, the site easy to use


    presents the user with good audio-visual experience, that is the site of the comfort, the operation is the site of the color, sound, images, text content, site layout and so on. So when the construction site will not make it out of order, "well-proportioned, simple and elegant, concise theme".

    user experience can be generally done in three aspects, is the sensory experience, emotional experience, exchange of experience, as long as we in the three aspects of work we believe that the site will have progress, the list said:

    website design style, color collocation, page layout, page size, picture display, website font size, LOGO space, the location of the advertisement, all >

    How to do with the web site keywords ranking

    today Xiaobian first to talk about yourself, as the network sales website optimization ranking is the emphasis of our work is a special automobile industry, however, do optimization need patience and execution, at this time of the Spring Festival, Xiaobian feel in this respect is very poor, rarely able to spare the time to manage the website, often do not update the site a few days, although the website ranking did not fall, but it is not good for all sites, so long will not only impact on the site, or slowly erode our will, so that we become more and more lazy, a little bit of the consumption of our patience and perseverance to that’s when you want to adhere to the optimization is often inadequate, I do not know whether it is during the Spring Festival also made the same mistake as me.

    new year, new year gave birth to a lot of new hope, I believe we have received many blessings in the year of the horse spring festival, such as the right money, there is an object immediately, "immediately pregnant" and so on, these wishes are carrying our own new year goals and aspirations, single people certainly hope that the right object, such as I have, except outside the object, as a special car sales staff, how to do business, to sell more cars is a top priority for the new year, I wish in the new year is the right order "right object".

    now concern the edge of extinction Festival and Valentine’s day has passed, this indicates that it is time to go out of the joy of the Spring Festival, the good work, today is Monday, is the first working day after the holiday, of course, many of my friends have been very early in the class, but work the efficiency of how can make nothing of it.

    summed up the views of everyone, and my analysis does not have what difference, the problems existing in the website is the main content of the website quality is not high, the original rate of less than 1/4, the second is the quality of the chain is not high, outside the platform is relatively scarce, in the eyes of everyone, outside the station to optimize the original high quality and high quality the chain is still the mainstream trend, only do these two things, the user experience can be improved, it is good to optimize the rhythm, which we have always stressed, but many of us know, all know how to do, but do not run.

    station optimization is actually a very simple thing, as long as we seize the user experience this line to the center, is basically not too far, when we optimize the website of their own when the user, as is the site.

    today to check the website, found the website ranking has been several months without moving, always stay in that position, but the snapshot is very long time not updated, his analysis about the web site problems, due to their limited capacity, can not determine their own judgment is correct, so also in common Shanghai Longfeng Forum a few questions, hope to help me analyze exists about the problems in network problems, not long, there are a lot of reply.

    The normalization of the canonical tag.


    3. page weight transfer. For many pages website, is to transfer the weight between the secondary page and home page is more important.

    today introduced a new label standard: canonical.

    wordpress blog, will produce a lot of URL, but the content of the page is the same:



    We take the

    site specification will reduce the page weight



    first, Canonical tag is what? Canonical tag is to tell the search engine which is authoritative page page. So its role is self-evident:

    1. standard. Since it is a link label, with standardized effect on url.

    The ?

    Canonical tag can only function in the same domain where the site is similar to www.xxx贵族宝贝/xx/ and www.xxx贵族宝贝/xx? Id=1 that belong to the xxx贵族宝贝 page. If a different domain name, use 301 redirection URL specification do.

    can add the following code in the head part meta:

    www.***.me/xxxx.html replytocom=202

    Why not

    www.***.me/xxxx.html replytocom=201

    2. page to avoid duplication. Is still relatively large website, search page, search results according to the conditions of the interface to produce a large number of similar or identical pages (these pages are dynamically generated).

    is actually a 301 redirect website optimization and URL specification must be done, but rarely come into contact with the canonical label, the label may be due to strange, perhaps love Shanghai so few people use smart enough. I have recently been plagued by 301, at the time of search, they found the label. Use the Zac canonical label recall explained in his "secret" in Shanghai dragon combat.


    seems to be a very Speechless problem, because is not standardized. To search engine, web page weight calculation is to put all the web pages to calculate the weight, and then through the internal links together in the main page up again weighted by. Say "not the more the better?. Is "more weight better, and the site is not the norm will waste energy so as to reduce the weight of the main page. Repeat the page is a major pest of weight waste! Is a dead link page (can be solved by 404).

    In case the mother how to excavate the long tail keywords


    into the word index of May is straight up, from 70000 to 140000, then 350000 is a day for two days, as early as in the word mid March index reached more than 3000, see more and more people pay attention to the family, which for us is a thing very gratifying, in addition for we also should seize this opportunity, in the flow of this festival is part of a flow interception inside it. I analyze how to use the long tail keywords interception must flow in this festival.

    These are some of the long tail keywords

    A, the habit of doubt. For example, you do not know love for mother’s day, take the question statement search for answers, which are examples of "mother’s Day is a few months," mother’s Day ", what" mother’s Day ", the origin of the" mother’s Day is a day.

    long tail analysis of user search habitsKeywords 1, the use of


    Hello, I am the rose. Once a year the mother’s day will come here, first of all wish all mothers a happy holiday, wish my mother happy holidays. Mother’s Day is a festival every year, we are very concerned about, today is the day before mother’s day, the word "mother’s Day". Once a month time is rapidly rising. Today we see the index:

    long tail keywords has been our webmaster diligently pursue, and we talked about an optimization in details, many competitors, if caught a large number of long tail, then we will be in the opponent inside top talent shows itself. In the face of the mother’s day this special holiday, how do we do that?

    Each of the

    from the above we can see a lot of long tail users search habits, including questions from the heart, with emotion, curiosity, there are many other habits, it is these unique habits that make long tail keywords more and more, more and more kinds of the.

    index to view the hot love Shanghai long tail word

    word of the fire, and these words are signs of people search for the vane, so we must make good use of love for us to intercept the flow index in Shanghai. A detailed layout of each of the long tail keywords, such as "mother’s Day is a few months," the long tail search volume in 200 thousand or so, we can focus on the word layout, one is to have at least one articles on this topic, the two is the long tail keywords in some related theme the article, let the long tail as much as possible, but not so deliberately, the important point is the content to do fine, to attract users to browse, and guide users to other pages.


    words in general in Shanghai love index which will be derived from some other long tail keywords, "mother’s Day" is no exception:

    Little joke three steps to the website of the amount collected fly


    of course there are some other details, I generally summarize, it is not practical, only their own combat to know, ha ha. This little joke Daquan (贵族宝贝xiaobud贵族宝贝) exclusive experience, please leave the chain chain experience, thank you.

    The chain

    as the saying goes, all roads lead to Rome. The literal meaning is how to go, where to go to arrive in Rome, so the website should have this form, all the chain site (oneself), which will let the search engine think your website is very popular, because most of the path will come to your website, that users love it make the chain for the emperor according to the. So a strong chain can make your included high ranking good.

    super chain


    Hello, today to talk to you about the problems included, included is every webmaster are very concerned about, on the wood to?? today included, all posts, announcing to the world by how much, second days included reduced, and Meng began posting, called Meng BD how how, I believe in the webmaster circle mix for a long time will see more or less the existence of such person. This only shows that the webmaster mentality is not strong enough, not calm, all words are all the clouds, it is not included, associated with good or bad mood completely, included good mood is good, is not good mood is not good, does not matter to sad, general a celebrity or famous webmaster can achieve this realm, they will not say today is not good, fierce scold, included good publicity everywhere, as if the world people are anxious to know if. In fact, included see key points, you can do. Not all

    first is the source of all content included, cannot talk included no content, some people say the picture can also be animated or also, but don’t want to search engine too cattle, it was just a program, not so do not understand the passions of the seven emotions and six sensory pleasures, and, to be included, to comply with the content of writing the search engine and users, and is the original, on the network is the one and only a wonderful article, the content can make the spider has a way to go, although some code can identify the picture, but it is not mature, so it is best to use words to express.

    a few days ago, chatting with a group of friends, a management forum said he optimization of the understanding of the site is like a luxurious palace, while the chain is in the corridor to each room, I think this analogy is very appropriate, not only simple, but also can let a person easily understanding the role of the chain, also, site of the "corridor" is within the chain chain, reasonable in an internal web site, the spider can be an easy job to do to climb, and not have to worry about getting lost or never walked into the alley. In the chain of powerful, can give very high rankings and included plus points. So the construction of the chain, you will be successful 1/3.

    How to create the user experience of the website imperceptibly

    with the development of network, more and more opportunities, the network of the enterprise began to establish their own website and blog. Shanghai dragon and network marketing has gradually become a hot term. In recent years, Shanghai dragon emerging out of a lot of popular characters, the Shanghai dragon learning climax. But behind this, more and more people put forward UEO, namely the user experience as the core of Shanghai Longfeng technique.


    what is the user experience?The



    B. guidelines

    imperceptibly user experience


    A. automation (or intelligence)


    For example:

    user experience is hard to clear Ming, also cannot give accurate user experience approach. Usually I think the user experience is secretive and imperceptible to the average visitor, a smooth feel of nature in the browsing process, such as love Shanghai know products in your questions link, there will be slight user experience behavior:

    in the process of input problem, below the classification according to the changes in your question, the question until you have finished, the automatic classification of the end. Automatic classification is to solve the classification of questions is not willing to take the initiative to select questions, Internet users are lazy, so the more intelligent, more fool is more popular. This is a subtle love Shanghai know the product good user experience.

    user experience English is User Experience, referred to as UE. It is a subjective aspect of feeling, is a kind of subjective emotion unconsciously in the use of the products, users browse the site in the process. From the perspective of the user, the user experience is good is a comfortable enjoyment; from the perspective of the website, the user experience is a kind of aesthetics, marketing, psychology with website design body. This is somewhat abstract, simply browse the site we each people have subjective feelings, perhaps to appreciate abstract art, but actually feel good is the user experience.

    users come to the site to browse, click operation, good user experience website will give users a simple to understand the behavior of the guidelines. So simple navigation, page layout, it is very necessary to help page. There are many known as seemingly with forced meaning striking words, is the behavior of users guide. These guidelines can not only guide the user behavior, can also bring other benefits.

    in Shanghai love to know the input problem at the same time, the automatic matching problem has been solved with the same or similar below you will avoid it, you repeat input will be able to quickly find the answer.

    Junior high school graduates in Shanghai Longfeng entrepreneurial experience inspired those still in

    I want to write some inspiring things

    had a lot of inferiority, there had been a lot of blood.

    and I have to like confusion, even with some inferior low educated friends said some encouraging words, these words are not entirely on my Weakness lends wings to rumours., that Shanghai Longfeng entrepreneurial experience, standing on the third angle objective to share with you, mutual encouragement. If such an article in you after reading will make you feel warm, will become more confident and impulsive, so this is my greatest comfort.

    that once from almost four years now, I understand a truth: Shanghai dragon is not what very high-end IT technology, it is just the uninitiated, Shanghai dragon is not so simple, this is the rookie. Shanghai Longfeng difficult place is not technology, is thinking.

    once, the first time I saw Shanghai dragon three letters that this should be the most difficult technology.


    I want to tell you is: This is a very good mentality and start. If you really want to enter the Shanghai dragon in this industry, want to do Shanghai Longfeng, education, experience, the "low"

    once, when Shanghai home love keyword ranking the moment that they have stood on the top of the earth……


    once, because of the cultural education that she must not suitable for high-end IT technology.

    well, nonsense not say, I am a junior high school graduates, now had to confront, because in the eyes of me now, even if the primary school graduation can rely on Shanghai Longfeng hunfanchi. The following article is not about Dragon technical aspects of things to see in Shanghai, technology and experience can go around, every day in the A5 page will experience numerous articles on the waiting for you to absorb.

    short was very silly, very naive, life is not all you grow from the experience of

    when I looked at the junior high school graduation certificate to open the page will feel unworthy to talk about technology in the A5 forum and the people; when a keyword (I later found out that the words did not competitive ranking) love Shanghai home before five would do a sina Sohu, but also like this……

    now I don’t need to update every day, do the chain, only occasionally write a soft Wen, do Shanghai Longfeng specific work arrangements for the following people. More time, I walked around the head of the forum, Shanghai Phoenix Forum, including Baidu know and search ask. In these places, you can easily see the netizen asked: "I, code, do not know what we can do in Shanghai dragon? How to do Shanghai dragon? These friends are mostly belong to the newly learned Shanghai dragon, and found its great value and effect, so to system the study of Shanghai Longfeng, they may be under the line of sales personnel, the student may be, may be unemployed, this is not important……