Tinders Sean Rad Who We Are as a Company Isnt Necessarily About

first_img Enroll Now for $5 Tinder Staff Writer. Covers leadership, media, technology and culture. May 5, 2015 Tinder’s Sean Rad: ‘Who We Are as a Company Isn’t Necessarily About a Swipe’ Learn from renowned serial entrepreneur David Meltzer how to find your frequency in order to stand out from your competitors and build a brand that is authentic, lasting and impactful. 2 min read Nina Zipkin Next Article Image credit: Tinder | Enhanced by Entrepreneur Fireside Chat | July 25: Three Surprising Ways to Build Your Brand Tinder may be moving into new territory, but it isn’t interested in playing in Snapchat’s sandbox.In a conversation at TechCrunch Disrupt NY today, when asked if the popular dating app is considering direct photo messaging, Tinder co-founder, president and former CEO Sean Rad answered in the negative.”No, that’s boring. We have bigger ambitions than that…In the coming year you may see different ways of leveraging Tinder to connect with people…different experiences. Who we are as a company isn’t necessarily about a swipe.” (For those who haven’t used Tinder, users swipe right on a person’s profile when they’re interested and swipe left when they’re not.)Related: Tinder Co-Founder Sean Rad Out as CEOThis March, the company launched a premium service called Tinder Plus. But while the paid version of the app included some sought after perks like Rewind, which lets users go back to a profile they accidentally swiped left on, the pricing raised some eyebrows. Users 30 and over in the U.S. pay $19.99 a month while their 20-something and younger counterparts pay $9.99 a month.Rad defended the decision, saying it’s common for companies of all kinds to experiment with different pricing models. “Our goal is to…just increase engagement and get more people using Tinder Plus. What that means is offering discounts to different users, and we’re still experimenting with that. Pricing is changing all the time.”Related: Former Tinder Employees Are Launching a Rival Dating AppOf the Tinder Plus feature Bouncer, which is designed to deter spammers and bots by limiting the number of right-swipes a user can make, Rad said it’s the company’s way of helping users get more quality matches.“It’s our way of just nudging people into a slightly better pattern. And that’s good for them. That’s good for the whole ecosystem.”Related: 30 or Older? Sorry, You’ll Have to Pay Twice as Much to Use Tinder’s New Premium Features. Add to Queue –shares Entrepreneur Stafflast_img read more

Colorado Has Collected More Than 1 Billion in Marijuana Tax Revenue

first_img Guest Writer Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Colorado reached a milestone in June when it reported collecting a cumulative $1.02 billion from marijuana taxes, licenses and fees since the state started collecting them in 2014.  What’s more, sales in the state have accelerated. In March 2019, dispensaries across the state reported record sales for a one-month period, according to numbers from the state’s Department of Revenue. Total sales of marijuana products that month alone were $142.4 million.Overall, there have been $6.5 billion in total marijuana sales in Colorado since recreational cannabis sales began in January 2014.Related: Recreational Weed States of AmericaGrowing the economy.The injection of cash into the state treasury, as well as the explosion of jobs and businesses in the cannabis industry, have made Colorado the model for the rest of the country. Or, to put it another way, other states now legalizing recreational marijuana hope to get the same economic boon that has come to the Rocky Mountain State.They know it in Colorado, too. In a statement about reaching the $1 billion in tax revenue mark, state Gov. Jared Polis said that “We can’t rest on our laurels. We can and we must do better in the face of increased national competition. We want Colorado to be the best state for investment, innovation and development for this growing economic sector.”The industry has created many jobs in the state. The release reported that there are 2,917 licensed marijuana businesses in Colorado and that 41,076 people are licensed to work in the industry.Colorado and Washington were the first two states where voters approved the sale of recreational marijuana even though it was illegal at the federal level (which it still is), both in November 2012.Related: New Report Forecasts $40B Global Cannabis Market by 2024What marijuana taxes pay for.Tax revenue from marijuana funds a variety of government programs, particularly in education and health and human services. It also funds the state’s operations to license and regulate the marijuana industry. As part of that, the state also uses marijuana revenue to fund youth programs, behavioral health treatment and public health and safety programs.The tax revenue also funds programs within the state’s Department of Education. These programs include:The Building Excellent Schools Today (BEST) capital construction assistance fundEarly Literacy Competitive Grant ProgramSchool Health Professional Grant ProgramSchool Bullying Prevention and Education Grant ProgramIn Human Services, the marijuana tax revenue helps fund:Mental health services for juveniles and adultsCrisis servicesCriminal justice diversionSubstance use disorder and detoxification servicesCommunity-based programs around the state that target youth and their families for prevention and intervention services that help reduce youth crime and violence, prevent youth marijuana use and prevent child abuse and neglect.To stay up to date on the latest marijuana-related news make sure to like dispensaries.com on Facebook Taxes Green Entrepreneur provides how-to guides, ideas and expert insights for entrepreneurs looking to start and grow a cannabis business. –shares Image credit: Aleksandr_Kravtsov | Getty Images The cannabis windfall has become an annual event in Colorado. Easy Search. Quality Finds. Your partner and digital portal for the cannabis community. Colorado Has Collected More Than $1 Billion in Marijuana Tax Revenue Next Article 3 min read Get 1 Year of Green Entrepreneur for $19.99 Add to Queue dispensaries.com June 25, 2019 Subscribe Nowlast_img read more

Pulsin introduces flavoured pea and whey protein powders

first_imgPulsin introduces flavoured pea and whey protein powdersPosted By: News Deskon: December 06, 2017In: Food, Health, Industries, Innovation, New productsPrintEmailBritish nutritional snack brand Pulsin has launched new flavoured pea and whey protein powders that aim to offer time-strapped consumers a way of boosting their protein intake.Pulsin created the vanilla- and chocolate-flavoured powders to expand its product offering and to reach a wider audience of nutrition-conscious customers.Previously, all of Pulsin’s protein powders had been unflavoured, allowing customers to add them to their favourite recipes.With 17g of protein per 25g serving, the chocolate pea protein powder is made with Belgian or French golden peas, is vegan and has no added sugar.The vanilla whey protein powder has 22g of protein per 25g serving and is made using hormone-free milk from UK grass-fed cows.Both can be added to a milk of choice or water to create a protein shake. They can also be mixed with other recipes such as smoothies and breakfast bowls.Pulsin marketing manager Steff Parker said: “We believe it’s important to use customer feedback to contribute to our NPD and it’s long been on our customers’ wish list for us to develop a flavoured version of our powders.“So we’re thrilled to be starting off 2018 with this product release knowing that consumers will now have the choice of a powder that is high in protein, healthy and natural, but without compromising the taste.”The new flavours will launch in the UK in January 2018, retailing at £1.99 for a 25g single serve sachet, or £14.99 for a 250g pouch.Having recently celebrated its tenth year in business, Pulsin, which has its headquarters and production centre in Gloucestershire, has sold more than 12 million protein bars and raw chocolate brownies.Earlier this year the brand introduced a range of porridge oat bars in three flavours: super seed and maple, apple and cinnamon, and orange chocolate chip. Share with your network: Tags: Protein powderPulsin’UKlast_img read more

CocaCola unveils Georgia peach and California raspberry sodas

first_imgCoca-Cola unveils Georgia peach and California raspberry sodasPosted By: News Deskon: February 23, 2018In: Beverage, Industries, Innovation, New products, Soft drinksPrintEmailCoca-Cola aims to capitalise on the popularity of craft sodas with the launch of two new Coke flavours: Georgia peach and California raspberry.The company’s research and development team worked with nearly 9,500 consumers and explored more than 30 flavour options, mostly rooted in fruit, for what it said will be its first flavour innovations since vanilla Coke in 2002.The beverages combine the classic Coca-Cola taste with a peach flavour sourced from peaches grown in Georgia or a raspberry flavour from raspberries grown in California.Both variants are now available in the US, sold in 12oz glass bottle singles and four packs, with a design aimed to reinforce the craft-inspired personality of the beverages.Coca-Cola Innovation senior brand manager Lillian Norton said: “Specialty sodas are particularly appealing to people who enjoy discovering crafted flavors and who have a desire to try curated food and beverage experiences.“We see an opportunity to make more of a full portfolio play in this space with these new locally inspired flavours.”Norton added: “We know that our consumers want more transparency. They want clear ingredient information, and they’re seeking out more local products. They’re shopping local, and eating local. So we wanted to allow people to experience some unique local flavours no matter where they live in the United States.”Share with your network: Tags: The Coca-Cola CompanyUnited Stateslast_img read more

British consumers call for clearer labelling on plastic packaging

first_imgBritish consumers call for clearer labelling on plastic packagingPosted By: Jules Scullyon: February 25, 2019In: Beverage, Business, Environment, Food, Industries, Labelling, Packaging, Social Responsibility, Social responsibilityPrintEmailNearly half (48%) of British shoppers would like to see clearer labelling on products with plastic-free packaging, according to research from compostable packaging company Tipa.The study revealed that 39% of consumers think retailers should be made to have a plastic-free aisle in every store. More than a quarter (29%) go further and believe every store should be completely plastic-free.When considering the use of compostable packaging formats – packaging that breaks down completely and leaves no trace on the environment – almost half (46%) of UK consumers say they think compostable packaging is under-utilised by brands.Likewise, nearly half (49%) of shoppers would welcome the introduction of labelling to identify that packaging is compostable.When asked about flexible plastic packaging, used for many single-use products which are mostly non-recyclable, more than half (54%) of British shoppers say they check labelling before throwing these items in the regular refuse bin. However, confusion still exists in certain quarters as more than one in five consumers (21%) admit to throwing flexible packaging in the recycling bin because they didn’t know it wasn’t eligible for recycling.Tipa CEO Daphna Nissenbaum said: “It’s great to see that public yearning is driving the service industry to rethink its relationship with flexible plastic packaging, which is often non-recyclable. We’re now at a point where people better understand the damage of plastic waste and are keen to reduce their carbon footprint but aren’t always sure how best to go about it.“This often leads people to play it safe with packaging they aren’t sure is recyclable, due to unclear or unlabelled packaging, and end up using the wrong receptacles. This can cause unnecessary strain on recycling centres that have to sift through hundreds of tonnes of non-recyclable matter.”She added: “The majority of people just want to do the right thing in a way that fits their busy lives. It is therefore incumbent on stakeholders in retail, groceries and the wider supply chain to clearly demarcate which packaging is plastic-free and which is suitable for recycling. By supporting consumers in this way, they will inspire greater brand trust among a public whose conscientiousness with plastic waste is only going to grow further in the future.”The study comes as the UK government launches a consultation on the introduction of a new plastic packaging tax, in a move to encourage producers to use packaging that is easier to recycle.Share with your network: Tags: plasticsustainabilityTIPAUKlast_img read more

Ring Pen and Ring Pen Grip

first_imgMany individuals with arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and more, often experience handwriting difficulties.  Traditional pens and pencils lack the ergonomic design which helps reduce fatigue and pain.  There are two products designed to benefit individuals with handwriting challenges: Ring Pen and Ring Pen Grip.Ring PenThe Original Ring Pen is noted to be “the next generation of ergonomic writing tools.”  It is a unique writing pen that helps individuals with arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, repetitive stress syndrome, as well as those who lack fine motor skills.To begin writing with the Ring Pen, simply slide your finger through the ring of the pen and begin writing!  The weight of your index finger will provide the perfect amount of pressure to write; the balanced weight and hand position takes the discomfort out of writing.The Original RinG-Pen in all 3 sizes.Features:Easy to use, no need to tightly grip.Relieves pain and cramping for individuals with carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, hand surgery rehabilitation, reduced fine motor skills and more.“Puts the fun back into writing!”Available in small and large sizes:Small size: available in green or blue; fits students and adults with smaller hands/fingersLarge size: available in black; fits most adult-sized hands For right-handed use onlyShare this…TwitterFacebookPinterest1LinkedInEmailPrint RelatedDr. Grip Center of Gravity PenNovember 10, 2016In “Mobility”5 styluses for those with mobility impairmentsMay 6, 2015In “Mobility”The Ergonomic AirObic MouseJuly 14, 2015In “Mobility” Ring Pen Ultra Ergonomic GripWhile the original Ring Pen is a standalone pen, the same ergonomic stature can be available for most traditional pens and pencils.  The Ring Pen Ultra Ergonomic Grip allows you to convert any pen or pencil into a comfortable writing utensil.To get started with the Ultra Ergonomic Grip, simply select what pen, pencil, or paintbrush you’d like to use and slide the Grip onto the utensil.  Now you can write comfortably on a conventional writing utensil!Features:Designed to help relieve writing pain and discomfort for anyone with arthritis, carpel tunnel syndrome, repetitive stress syndrome, or anyone who lacks fine motor skills in fingers or wrist.“Better handwriting through ergonomic design.”Available in 3 different sizes:Small: ideal for childrenMedium: ideal for many womenLarge: ideal for menlast_img read more

Find Peace with NoiseCanceling Headsets

first_imgFEATURESIdeal for iPhone, iPod and iPadAdvanced noise reductionAware mode for hearing what’s around you while enjoying your musicLong-lasting comfortDeep, clear sound from the Active EQ and TriPort® technologyRechargeable batteryBose Quiet25 Noise Canceling Headset | Amazon |$170 FEATURESSignificant Noise Reduction for TravelDeep, clear sound from the Active EQ and TriPort® technologyInline Mic/remote for music and callsDesigned specifically for use with select iPod, iPhone and iPad modelsLightweight-around-ear fit you can wear all day longMost compatible with most Android, Windows and BlackBerry smartphonesAKG Noise Canceling Headphone | Amazon | $149 We have a few blogs in the mix coming up that will focus on assistive technology and tools to help increase your attention and concentration.First up, we have outlined noise-canceling headsets that can aid people with ADD/ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder and other attention disabilities. We’ve discussed these headsets during one of our recent BITES meetings, a monthly support group focused on assistive technology for individuals with brain injuries. If you’re interested in a future meeting, you can join us on the third Wednesday of every month.These four headsets will provide you with the serenity to focus on what you wish — not what’s all around you. There is a big difference between wearing the headphones that come with the latest iPhone compared to these headsets specifically made for canceling out unwanted noise.A reliable pair of noise-canceling headphones is a great investment that will bring you years of pleasure, no matter where you are using them.Here are four of the best noise-canceling headsets ranked from most expensive to cheapest:Bose QuietComfort 20i earbuds | Amazon | $185 FEATURESDesigned for convenient transport and storage with 3D folding mechanism and carrying caseRechargeable batteryReduces ambient noiseEnhances music and audio performanceUniversal remote button that allows you to pause and play songs, answer and end calls, and to skip songs forward and backLibratone Q Adapt Earbuds |Amazon | $120 FEATURESFour levels of noise controlCustomize and enhance your listening experience with Libratone Q AdaptDesigned specifically for and powered by iOS devicesLibratone Q Adapt Earbuds have almost no impact on your phone’s battery lifeListen for up to 52 hours with no bulky battery packsYou can take calls hands free and noise freeStay tuned for next week’s blog highlighting the best mobile device apps for focus and attention!Share this…TwitterFacebookPinterestLinkedInEmailPrint RelatedATFAQ089 – Q1- Smart Locks Q2- Noise Canceling Headphones Q3- Indestructible iPad Cases Q4- BeMyEyes vs. Aira Q5- Accessing PDF’s using Jaws Q6- Desktop Video Magnifier features Q7- Wildcard Question: Do you buy refurbished or used technology?December 10, 2018In “Assistive Technology FAQ (ATFAQ) Podcast”ATFAQ006 – Q1. iPad or dedicated book reader? Q2. Best headsets for Dragon? Q3. Smart phone cord management? Q4. iPad apps for Kindle books? Q5. Liquid level indicators and cup sizes? Q5. Best laptop computers for blind college students? Q6. Will Windows 10 really be the last version of Windows?May 25, 2015In “Assistive Technology FAQ (ATFAQ) Podcast”Headphones for Children with AutismMarch 27, 2012In “Easter Seals Crossroads”last_img read more

Consumer Highlight Kristy Bex

first_imgIt was a beautiful fall day when I traveled to Bloomington, Indiana to meet Kristy Bex. I traveled to meet Kristy to learn about her very first job at Employbridge and how assistive technology made her very first job possible.When talking with Kristy, I learned that she was born in Bedford, Indiana. She and her brother grew up there and spent a lot of time in their local church. She graduated from Medora High School and is now married with two kids and two dogs. Kristy was born with retinitis pigmentosa. During her school years, she had low vision and needed large print. A few years out of high school she lost all of her vision. Kristy told me she has never been able to work due to transportation and “learning to adapt my every day life” since completely losing her vision. Once she began to adapt to her life without vision she had children, which kept her very busy. Once both of her kids started school full time she decided she would like to work outside of the home.Kristy was not sure if she would be able to figure out her transportation needs or find an employer that was willing to work with her disability, but she decided that she would see if she could find something that would meet her needs. She contacted Vocational Rehabilitation to find out what resources would be available to her to find employment. Vocational Rehabilitation is a state agency that assists individuals in obtaining or maintaining employment.Vocational Rehabilitation then referred Kristy to work with an Employment Consultant, Liz Rybachek, from Life Designs Associates to assist with her job search and also referred her to Easterseals Crossroads for an assistive technology evaluation. An assistive technology evaluation is a one-on-one evaluation to determine what type of assistive technology is available to meet a person’s specific needs to be able to work or live independently.Upon arriving, I was greeted by Belva Smith, CATIS, Assistive Technology Specialist, at Easterseals Crossroads who has been working with Kristy on getting the assistive technology in place so she can do her job independently. We went back to Kristy’s workspace where I met her and her job coach. Belva said, “This is Kristy and she is kind of amazing. I met her 17 months ago and she was using an iPhone and a computer that was not functioning very well. Her goal was to get her very first job.”At the time of her job search, Vocational Rehabilitation was not able to purchase a computer for her until she was working so she borrowed one from The INDATA Project’s Equipment Lending Library. The Equipment Lending Library is an assistive technology loan program. Through this program, assistive technology devices are available to be borrowed for free for 30 days by anyone who lives in the state of Indiana.Belva assisted her in putting NonVisual Desktop Access (NVDA) on the borrowed computer, which is a free, open-source screen reader. A screen reader reads aloud everything shown on a computer screen. Kristy worked with that for a few months and then got Talking Typer to increase her typing speeds. Talking Typer is an onboard keyboard that can be used with VoiceOver that offers keyboard tutorials to help increase typing speed and accuracy. She worked on improving her skills with using a computer while she began her job search.A few months later, Kristy contacted Belva and said, “I think I have a job.” At the time, Belva was in the hospital recovering from a fall and Kristy decided that she wanted to wait for Belva to recover so she can help her with the assistive technology that she would need to be successful in the position. While she waited for Belva to return to work, Kristy began mock interviews with her employment consultant, Liz.Once Belva returned to work, Belva recommended that Kristy get a computer with JAWS, which is a computer screen reader program for Microsoft Windows that uses text-to-speech output to read the screen to a blind or visually impaired person. Vocational Rehabilitation was able to purchase the equipment for Kristy and Employbridge allowed them to work in a cubicle onsite so Belva could train Kristy on JAWS and see if it would work with Employbridge’s systems.In July, Kristy was offered the job as a SAS Search and Support Coordinator in the call center. Employbridge is a staffing agency that takes calls from people looking for employment for temporary positions in warehouse, manufacturing, and clerical. Kristy is responsible for taking the pre-screening calls and scheduling the interviews with 4 or 5 of the companies that have them do the hiring. She pre-screens the callers to determine if the caller is a good candidate for the position. She then schedules their interviews. She also assists temporary employees with other needs such as retrieving a lost password for their account or getting their checks if they did not receive one.Employbridge allowed Belva to be there to help with JAWS as Kristy received her training. Kristy would sit and observe with a keyboard and Belva would observe the training so she could teach Kristy how to use JAWS with the company’s systems. For Kristy to take one phone call she would go through many screens. At that time, Employbridge was using Google documents and Google calendar and it was not accessible. The company knew that they would be switching to a new system called SWISS, which was accessible with JAWS. While training, Kristy has had to switch between using NVDA and JAWS depending on which was compatible with the systems they were using. The company has switched systems a few times while Kristy has been in training. They are now running a database that is completely accessible to her. Belva said, “Her determination and memory is unbelievable. She just continued to preserve through every change. She also has a very supportive manager. He was getting pushed to get her on her own towards the end of her training, but spoke with mw to make sure she was ready as he did not want too much pressure on her and wanted her to be successful. “Belva said, “This was a challenging case for me because I had to figure out how Kristy could listen to JAWS and a caller at the same time. I had to figure out how I could get JAWS in one ear and the caller in another ear. I was struggling to figure it out and in the meantime Kristy Goggled it and figured out how to get JAWS in her right ear and the caller in her left. Again, she is just amazing.”Kristy is now working successfully full-time. A lady she goes to church with and a few other people carpool and they take her to work. Kristy’s goal is to eventually work from home. Belva said, “As a mother of two who lives 30 miles from here, it is so impressive to see how successful she has become in this position. I know that Liz, her manager, and myself are so proud of her. Her reviews since she has been taking calls have been stellar. It’s just incredible. I’m just so proud of everyone who has backed her to make this possible. Her VR counselor, Cecelia, is amazing. Liz is amazing, and her manager has been so supportive. He is amazing too!” Liz said, “She really is amazing. She has become my new BFF and it’s amazing to see how well she has down and also how she has really opened the door for other people with disabilities to be considered for employment here.”I asked Kristy if she had any advice for people who may be in a similar position and she said, “My advice would be to be persistent and know that it can take time. You have to have patience. Keep working at it even when it seems impossible and if you can work with Belva then you should definitely work with Belva. Assistive technology has allowed me to communicate more effectively through social media and to be able to successfully work at Employbridge”Kristy said, “Belva has been great at helping me learn my computer and the JAWS screen reader. She has helped me grow and become more independent as a person. She has been there for me through my employment journey. She helped my employer and even myself understand my disability and what all I am capable of on the job. I greatly appreciate all the work she has done for me. She helped me so I could achieve my goals.”Kristy is now settling in a routine and become very successful at her job. In the call center, she will be receiving 70-100 calls per day. She has been meeting her goals and has above average quality. She is working on increase the amount of time she is on a call. Each call should be under 6 minutes. She said, “My average is not at 6 minutes as there is a lot to do on a call if I have to do an entire app, pre-screen and notate the call. I’m working hard to get those calls down under 6 minutes. The job was a lot harder than I thought it would be. So much goes into the calls that come into this call center. I have to access 8 different screens and there are constant changes with the systems. It has kept me on my toes.She also said, “Going from a stay-at-home mom to a working mom was hard, but my husband is picking up some of the slack at home. I get the kids on the bus in the morning before I leave for work and my husband is able to pick them up in the afternoon. I was getting depressed and bored at home and needed money. I really like my job and I will eventually be able to work from home. That will be so much more convenient for me, but I will miss seeing all the wonderful people here every day.”Kristy said, “I would encourage people to learn as much about technology and assistive devices as they can and to not be afraid to get out of their comfort zone. I would tell someone, “Don’t worry about other’s opinions of you. You never know what doors will open.” Assistive technology has allowed me to use social media, get a job, and pay bills. It has opened up a whole new world to me. It has given me more confidence and has allowed me to do most things on my own. I wish I would have started using assistive technology way sooner.” Share this…TwitterFacebookPinterestLinkedInEmailPrint RelatedConsumer Highlight: Mildred RebennackJune 12, 2019In “Consumer Highlight”Cool tools that help a teacher teach life skills to special needs students.July 2, 2014In “Easter Seals Crossroads”Consumer Highlight: Anne PalmerFebruary 13, 2019In “Consumer Highlight”last_img read more

Mediafly Unveils New Sales Enablement Platform Experience for the Future of Evolved

first_imgMediafly Unveils New Sales Enablement Platform Experience for the Future of Evolved Selling MTS Staff WriterMay 23, 2019, 4:55 pmMay 23, 2019 B2B buyerscontent managementMarketing TechnologyMediaflyNewsSales enablement technologySAP App Center Partner Previous ArticleGlobal Customer Adoption Accelerating for 8×8 Contact Center SolutionNext ArticleFor Highly Reputable Senders, 91 Percent of Emails Reach Their Intended Audience—Compared to 70 Percent or Less for All Other Senders Mediafly, a provider of sales enablement technology, content management, and advisory services that create interactive, value-based selling experiences, presents a brand new platform interface and added functionality to meet the needs of sellers across the globe. In addition to the updated user experience, new capabilities include Mediafly Workspaces, Story Mapper and Tool Builder, which provide users the ability to customize in-app experiences on their own, without incremental coding resources, including designing custom ROI calculators. As part of the new platform experience, Mediafly is introducing a new iOS app – Mediafly Next.While companies have the best intentions when unveiling new sales enablement solutions, many of these deployments fail. According to one study, U.S. organizations wasted $30 billion on unused software over the course of four years. Often times, this is due to technology not meeting the expectations of its users. For sellers, lack of customization and legacy solutions leave them scrambling to find relevant content and value-based evidence to provide the personalized sales interactions that modern buyers require. Admins and leaders of these teams are left to figure out how to design and organize the information that sellers need to succeed. Unfortunately, for many organizations, the process of designing an intuitive presentation app experience with interactive content that gains positive feedback and ultimately, a purchase, requires an unrealistic investment of time and budget.“Sales enablement technology should be flexible, easy to use and allow for customization,” said Jason Shah, CTO at Mediafly. “Our customers want to personalize their solutions so they can provide the best experience to their buyers. With the new Mediafly, users can continue to feel well equipped in their sales conversations, providing value to their buyers at a faster rate, helping to increase revenue and exceed quotas.”Marketing Technology News: ON24 Empowers Marketers with a 360-degree View of Customer EngagementTo help sales teams evolve from traditional content management portals and presentation tools like PowerPoint and guide them on how to improve sales, Mediafly gives users access to a modern, sophisticated, consumer-like presentation app experience across desktop and mobile. Now admins and sales reps can easily self-author and experience an interface with animations, customizable layouts and navigation, and interactive content without added support from Mediafly or IT.Mediafly’s release includes three new capabilities: Mediafly Workspaces, Story Mapper and Tool Builder. With Workspaces, admins have the power to create a mobile presentation interface with the navigation and content they want the sales teams to leverage, and sellers can find the content they need with ease for their unique sales presentation. Through Story Mapper, sellers can instantly pivot to relevant content in their presentation to better address buyers needs and questions. This allows them to create buyer-focused conversations through an interactive and value-add interaction.Value-add experiences are increasingly important as B2B buyers become more budget restrained and risk-averse. In fact, six in 10 buyers want to discuss pricing on the first call. Mediafly’s Tool Builder gives sellers the flexibility to customize interactive tools such as ROI and TCO calculators in an easy-to-use environment, saving the user time and energy. Sellers can provide buyers with meaningful value messaging, compelling insights and credible financial justification that is unique to that specific buyer in every sales conversation.Marketing Technology News: Vyond Announces End of Beta for Vyond Studio, Enhanced Security Features“Since we started using Mediafly, our customers have rated their experience higher, citing things like the ability of reps to give them the best information in the moment,” said Tom Stubbs, Sales Capability Communications Manager at PepsiCo. “Mediafly gives us the ability to design a modern sales experience customers value.”Mediafly’s latest sales enablement technology updates are just a few of the ways Mediafly helps sellers and marketers create, deliver, and analyze engaging sales presentations. Mediafly’s continued focus on enhancing how brands engage prospective buyers was recently recognized by G2. The sales enablement platform was named a Leader in G2’s Spring 2019 Grid Report for Sales Enablement. The grid, which is based on customer satisfaction and market presence, highlights that 96 percent of Mediafly users rated the platform 4 or 5 stars and 90 percent of users would recommend Mediafly’s platform. Additionally, Mediafly was recognized as a SAP Finalist for SAP App Center Partner of the Year. The award recognizes SAP partners with world-class solutions, contributing a significant amount to SAP revenue, a solid track record of customer success and a solid business plan for continued partner success.Marketing Technology News: Malicious and Disruptive Ads Account for 1 in Every 100 Impressions According to New Confiant Researchlast_img read more

Fastman Releases Access Manager and Digital Signature Automation for DocuSign

first_img Access ManagerAutomationDigital SignatureDocuSignFastmaninformation securityMarketing Technology NewsNews Previous ArticleEmployBridge Moves Several Hundred Agents to Talkdesk for Unparalleled Cloud InnovationNext ArticleLonely Planet Partners with Acquia to develop the Most Consumer-Centric Platform in Travel Fastman Releases Access Manager and Digital Signature Automation for DocuSign PRNewswireJuly 10, 2019, 10:40 pmJuly 10, 2019 Fastman announces latest digital signature and OpenText read-only license compliance solutionsFastman, the leading provider of information security and management services and solutions for OpenText Content Suite and Extended ECM, has recently released two highly anticipated updates. These include Fastman Digital Signatures, a digital signature solution for OpenText Content Suite and Extended ECM leveraging the DocuSign Agreement Cloud and on-premise Digital Signature Appliance, and Fastman Access Manager, the most effective way to ensure compliance with OpenText Content Suite read-only user licensing.Marketing Technology News: Nordic XR-company Bublar Group Acquires Finnish Augmented Reality Pioneer SayduckAs a new component of the Fastman Management Suite, Access Manager enables organizations to remain compliant with the terms of their read-only license agreements — preventing non-compliance penalties and fines. “With no technical limitations in the core Content Suite product, many OpenText customers have users that are performing actions that their read-only licenses do not permit. With regular audits, this can unwittingly cost them a significant amount of money in fines,” says Alister Grigg, Managing Director at Fastman. “Access Manager physically prevents the use of out-of-license functionality and enables admins to track what their read-only users are trying to achieve. It takes minutes to implement and saves our customers significant time, trouble and money.”Marketing Technology News: Leadspace Acquires ReachForce to Offer Customers Even More Robust B2B Customer Data PlatformIn addition, Fastman also announced an update to their Digital Signatures product. “Our customers have wanted to sign documents within the DocuSign Agreement Cloud alongside our existing Digital Signature Appliance connector for quite some time,” says Alister Grigg. “With this release we enable organizations to seamlessly send documents for signing in either — or both — solutions directly from their OpenText systems.”Marketing Technology News: Community Management Is the Main Course for Hospitality Sectorlast_img read more

How to Set Up Centrally Managed Backups for Your Home or Small

first_img Don’t Watch These Movies With Your Parents 9 Comments How to Set Up Centrally Managed Backups for Your Home or Small Business We Finally Know Why Black Widow’s Death Was Necessary Facebook Twitter Linkedin Pinterest Google Plus Reddit Hacker News Flipboard Email Copy 0shares This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. Terms of use. You Might Also LikePowered By ZergNet Willow Smith’s Transformation is Turning Heads J.K. Rowling Confirms a Hermione Theory We Suspected All Along The Most Offensive Video Game Characters of All Time The Dangerous ‘Toy Story 4’ Scene One Million Moms is Protesting Tagged In storageextremetech explainsHow-TonassynologybackupsQNAPprivate cloudcentrally-managed backupsEaseus Todo Backup Post a Comment 9 Comments Natalie Portman’s Female Thor Name Revealed If you’re part of a family with changing computing needs, or if you run a small business where employees and computers come and go, it’s quite likely that your backup strategy is a bit of a hodge-podge. You probably also rely on your users to pay attention to whether their data is actually being safely backed up. A recent experience of mine, where we realized that one of our business laptops hadn’t run a successful backup for a month, motivated me to dig in and implement a centrally managed backup system so that we could easily manage and monitor our computer backups. I actually did it two different ways, using one NAS-centric approach, and another more traditional backup suite, so we can compare them in this article.How Centrally Managed Backups WorkA typical, centrally managed backup solution consists of at least three pieces. First, there is a backup server, which keeps the database of clients, tasks, and storage locations. Along with it are one or more console applications. Some systems offer one management console for administrators and a separate one for users to allow them to do some self-service operations like file recovery. Finally, there needs to be some type of client software (often called an agent) that can respond to requests from the server and initiate backups. With Windows clients, this is often a custom application installed on each client. But existing system utilities like rsync may also work as an agent, depending on the product.In all cases, either a new account with administrator privileges needs to be created on each client, or the credentials for an existing account need to be supplied. Once a server and client(s) are in place, then the console (which might be an application or simply a web interface to the server) can be used to create backup tasks and deploy them to clients as appropriate. Most packages include some pre-defined templates that can be used as a starting point. For example, if you have a number of laptops that have a simple configuration, you can have a template that just does a System backup of the OS and boot drive.Backing Up PCs With EaseUS Todo BackupThere are many backup products for Windows PCs, but for this project, we wanted ones where we could upgrade from the typical entry-level standalone offering to a centrally managed, business-class solution inexpensively. So for our first solution, we chose EaseUS Todo Backup Workstation, since the desktop software and management console are quite inexpensive, and we were already using it standalone on several machines. However, currently, EaseUS can only centrally manage Windows client machines. Acronis offers a much broader range of solutions, but at a much higher price point for its business products.Todo Backup is powerful but not always obvious.You can start with the management console, which EaseUS calls Backup Center, and install and deploy from there, or take a more incremental approach and install Backup Workstation on your client computers and make sure they work to your satisfaction first. When you install the clients, you can create a backup user that’s separate from other users of the system. That’s handy for creating a single credential to use for backup tasks. When you install Backup Center, you’ll want to make sure you also select the option to install the server on a machine of your choice. Unfortunately, EaseUS Backup doesn’t support a NAS package for its server, which would be a nice option.Once the clients and the Backup Center console are installed, you can use the console to create, customize, and deploy template backup tasks to some or all of your clients. You can even put them in groups. In our case, we created a simple template for most of our laptops, which only have a System (“C”) drive, and then a couple of other templates for more complex desktops that also have data drives. It was simple to create a schedule for each template and deploy them. I wish the software offered an easier way to combine Full and Incremental backup schedules, but you can choose the type of backup(s) you want, the schedules, and the retention policies.You can add a Network Server as a backup destination for EaseUS Todo Backup using a mount point, a UNC path, or via the NAS Device option.Backing Up Your Network With Synology’s Active Backup for BusinessIf you own a NAS, you may already have access to all the software you need to back up your network. Most NAS vendors bundle at least one backup solution with their hardware and may offer add-on options. Synology did something pretty sweet last year, by including its Active Backup for Business (ABB) software with many of its units. It includes the server package, an active client for Windows, a user portal for self-service recovery, and the ability to back up other types of specialized hardware and virtual machines. I’ve been using ABB with both the Windows client and with my Jetson Nano Linux box with rsync as the agent.Synology’s Active Backup for Business provides a large number of options managed through a central console.One area where ABB goes beyond many of the other backup solutions bundled with network servers is the capability to do a bare metal restore — as you’d expect with a separate cost backup package. You simply create and boot to a recovery drive and then restore your full system image. Alternatively, you can do the expected set of drive, partition, and file backups to take more complete control of your system. There are even additional packages for specifically backing up G Suite and Office 365, although I haven’t used them.Consider a Belt and SuspendersNext to not noticing that backups are failing to run properly, not realizing that they’re corrupt is the next biggest problem with backups. While major corporations have policies in place for regularly testing the integrity and utility of their backups, most small business and families don’t. So in our case, we back all our machines up two different ways, to two different servers.Active Backup for Business offers a nice and easy to understand set of Retention options.Five-bay NAS units are very convenient for this, as shared data can be stored on a three drive RAID array, and backups can go on a separate, mirrored, two-drive array. We use a Synology DS1517+ as our primary data store — since it supports 10Gbps — and destination for system backups generated by Active Backup for Business. Then we also have a DS1019+ where we can keep a clone of our most important shared data on the first three drives, and our EaseUS backups on the other two. Or if you have room to keep your data and backups on the first three drives, the other two are ideal for mirrored security footage archives. Of course, just having two systems locally isn’t a perfect solution either, so you’ll want to have some type of off-site backup as well.Now Read:How to Set Up Subscription-Free Offsite BackupHow to Create Your Own Private Photo Sharing CloudIt’s World Backup Day: Here’s How the ExtremeTech Staff Stays Backed Up By David Cardinal on June 22, 2019 at 9:00 am Celebs Who Were Sadly Killed By Their Fanslast_img read more

Andhra Pradesh Repoll 80 Voting Recorded in Five Booths

first_imgAmaravati: About 80% polling was recorded in five polling booths in Andhra Pradesh on Monday, where a re-poll was conducted without any incident.Braving the scorching heat, voters queued up at the five polling booths and cast their votes in good numbers. The re-poll was ordered in view of technical glitches in the electronic voting machines (EVMs) in these polling booths when general election was held on April 11.Accordingly, re-polling was conducted in booth number 94 in Narasaraopet Assembly and Lok Sabha segments, booth 244 of Guntur West Assembly and Lok Sabha segments in Guntur district.It was also held in booth 247 of Yerragondapalem Assembly and Ongole Lok Sabha segments, booth 41 of Kovur Assembly segment under Nellore Lok Sabha constituency and 197 of Sullurupeta Assembly segment under Tirupati parliamentary constituency.Elections for 25 Lok Sabha and 175 Assembly seats were held in one phase on April 11 in the state.Counting of votes will be taken up on May 23. andhra pradesh assembly election 2019andhra-pradesh-lok-sabha-elections-2019guntur-s01p13narasaraopet-s01p14 First Published: May 6, 2019, 8:39 PM ISTlast_img read more

Modi Government Compromised National Security by Reducing Rafale Jets Congress

first_img BJPcongressLok Sabha elections 2019modi First Published: May 14, 2019, 2:25 PM IST | Edited by: Nikita Vashisth New Delhi: The Congress on Tuesday accused the Modi government of compromising and overruling national security by reducing the purchase of the Rafale fighter aircraft to save money.Congress chief spokesperson Randeep Surjewala hit out at the BJP after Union minister Nitin Gadkari reportedly admitted that the Rafale deal was curtailed due to do financial constraints. “Finally, truth is out! ‘National Security’ stumped by a pseudo nationalist Modi Govt,” Surjewala tweeted.”No. of Rafale aircrafts reduced from 126 to 36 for saving money overruling Air Force and Nation’s security!” he added.Gadkari had said the government’s “financial availability” dictated the decision to bring down the order of the Rafale fighter jets from 126 to 36 in its purchase agreement. PTI last_img read more

Virat Kohli Anushka Sharma are Ultimate Couple Goals in Matching Outfits See

first_img Anushka Sharmaindia vs new zealand 1st semi-finalindia vs new zealand 2019India vs New Zealand ICC Cricket World Cup First Published: July 10, 2019, 11:11 AM IST The India vs New Zealand match will continue on the reserve day, i.e, today (Wednesday). Meanwhile, Anushka was also spotted cheering on her husband during India’s 2019 Cricket World Cup final group stage match against Sri Lanka at Headingley on Saturday.Follow @News18Movies for more This comes after Virat enjoyed a day out with Anushka in Manchester before India Vs New Zealand semi-final match, which was brought to a screeching halt after a heavy drizzle lashed Old Trafford at the far end of the Kiwi innings on Tuesday.center_img If there’s one couple we ship right now, it’s Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli. Anushka and Virat’s best romantic moments are kind of hard to pin down. While they’ve only been together (officially) for about one-and-a-half years, they’ve basically been couple goals since day one.And, the two once again gave ultimate couple goals as they slayed in matching outfits during their casual outing in Birmingham. Anushka has accompanied Virat to England, where he is leading team India at the ongoing Cricket World Cup. Out and about in the British city, Anushka and Virat both opted for a classic combination of white and black. The actress wore an over-sized tee by Stella McCartney with a mini shorts. Virat complemented his wife in a loose t-shirt and a pair of 3/4th shorts. Anushka and Virat both opted for a pair of white sneakers to complete their look.last_img read more

Apple Glasses big AR push is already causing excitement

first_imgStory TimelineGoogle Glass augmented reality gets real-time demoGoogle invests in Magic Leap for more augmented realityApple buys augmented reality specialist MetaioThe big Facebook Augmented Reality play is startingiPhone Augmented Reality revealed with ARKitIt seems time to revive the Google GlassMinecraft AR hints at what possible with Apple ARKit Above you’ll see a more recent video published by SMI in January of this year. Our experience with SMI showed us the future of eye-tracking in virtual reality using Oculus Rift and their own pair of AR glasses. Have a peek at what Apple might be making and see what you think of it. Remember too that Apple bought another AR-based company back in 2015.Also take note that Google seems to be bringing back Google Glass in some form or another. It might be high time to get in gear with AR for your face – whether you like it or not! Apple’s revenue as of now comes largely from sales of their iPhone hardware lineup. At this time well over 50% of Apple’s revenue comes from the iPhone alone, and it’s expected that 64% of revenue will come from the iPhone in the year 2018 – FY, that is, fiscal year, all according the Munster. By the year 2022, Munster suggests that the iPhone will account for only 48% of sales for Apple.To be clear, the iPhone isn’t going anywhere. The iPhone wont be disappearing for a long time. What’s expected is that – eventually – people will tire of using smartphones, and something else will pop up. That “something else” might well be Apple Glasses – or whatever they’ll end up being called. Munster seems to think that Apple Glasses will be Apple’s ticket into the future using their recently announced dive into Augmented Reality.Munster cited the reveal of developer-aimed ARKit for augmented reality applications as well as Apple’s acquisition of SensoMotoric Instruments. This was reported within the last 24 hours – this apparent acquisition – but we’ve seen SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI) in the distant past. Or seemingly distant – all the way back in the year 2014.center_img Apple Glasses have been teased for possible release by one of the most prominent Apple-centric analysts in the world today. This tip comes from Loup Venture’s Gene Munster, who forecasts that Apple Glasses, an AR wearable, will begin to appear in the year 2020. It’s projected that the iPhone will reach its peak sales in the year 2019, then Apple’s next big thing will be Apple Glasses, which will appear 1 year later.last_img read more

Apple iOS 113 beta 1 released for eager developers

first_imgiOS 11.3 developer beta 1 (15E5167f) is available for developers to download and install now. The recommendation, as always, is that you don’t load early beta software onto a mission-critical or everyday device – in short, something you can’t do without if things start going wonky – though inevitably some choose to overlook that advice in the name of having the most cutting-edge Apple software on their phone.Among the changes in iOS 11.3 that we already know about are ARKit 1.5 and a new Health Records feature in the Health app. The former is the new version of Apple’s augmented reality platform, which with the arrival of this new version is now able to recognize vertical surfaces like doors and walls, in addition to horizontal ones such as floors and tables. That opens the door to more expansive AR, as does ARKit 1.5’s supposedly improved handling of irregular surfaces. AdChoices广告Health Records, meanwhile, is Apple’s attempt to turn the iPhone into a centralized health database. Partnering with twelve different medical providers – and with more in the pipeline, the company says – it funnels data including treatments, tests, immunizations, and more into a chronological timeline in the Health app. Those details are, unsurprisingly, encrypted and locked down with the iPhone’s passcode. It’s worth noting, though, that not every new iOS 11.3 feature is currently present in the beta. Most conspicuously, Apple’s new controls for handling power management are absent. The company promised users frustrated by performance throttling on their older iPhones would get a switch to turn the system off if they preferred, and that will indeed be arriving in iOS 11.3.However, it – and new insights into the health of the iPhone’s battery, which previously would only be shown if the li-ion pack had deteriorated to the point where Apple recommended a replacement – will be coming in a later release. On the flip side, though, it seems some features Apple didn’t talk about earlier as also to be found in today’s release. That includes eagerly-anticipated cloud services like Messages in iCloud, which was originally intended to be part of the iOS 11 release in 2017, but which was quietly pulled during the beta program. It’s reappeared today, and it’s likely that other iOS 11.3 goodies will be identified as developers get to grips with this first beta. As for the public beta, that’s been promised but Apple hasn’t said exactly when we might be able to expect it. The full iOS 11.3 release is due to arrive in the Spring of 2018. You’ll need an iPhone 5s or newer, an iPad Air or iPad Pro, a fifth-gen iPad, iPad mini 2 or newer, or an iPod touch sixth-gen in order to install it. Apple has released the first beta of iOS 11.3, the new version of its software for iPhone and iPad. Unveiled earlier today, iOS 11.3 brings with it numerous new features including ARKit 1.5 support and brand new Animojis. Today’s release is targeted at developers aiming to get up to speed with what will be hitting Apple’s phones and tablets later this year. last_img read more

Cheza Chromebook with Snapdragon 845 to rival alwayson PCs

first_imgChromebooks have traditionally run on two kinds of processors, low-power ARM chips from the likes of Rockchip or MediaTek, and Intel Atom or Celeron processors. It’s only recently that we’re seeing more powerful Chromebooks with Core m or Core i CPUs. It’s not surprising, then, that Google will also do the same on the ARM side.This would make this “Cheza” the most powerful ARM-based Chromebook when it comes out. The Snapdragon 845 is still Qualcomm’s current champion and the newly announced Snapdragon 850 is reserved for Windows 10 devices only anyway. But that’s hardly the only thing Cheza has.Based on source code commits scoured by About Chromebooks, this Chromebook could also be a detachable one, just like the HP Chromebook x2 pictured above. It’s USB-C port also supports DisplayPort video out. There might be two USB-C ports but only one will have that feature. The Chromebook could have a 2560×1440 WQHD screen though it will most likely be more than that since the Snapdragon 845 can support all the way up to 4K UHD. And, most importantly, given the chipset, this Chromebook will have built-in LTE support thanks to the X20 modem.AdChoices广告Google has recently been beefing up its Chromebook selection in response to Apple’s and Microsoft’s attempts to reclaim their territory. From the first detachable Chromebook to the first Chromebook tablet, the search giant is moving to replace its Android tablets with Chrome OS devices. And by adding Linux support and maybe even Windows 10 certification, these devices might be the all in one computer you’ll ever need. From Windows S to the new, somewhat disappointing first generation of always-on Windows 10 on ARM PCs, it is clear that Microsoft is worried. Its once unchallenged kingdom in the education and enterprise markets have been chipped away first by Apple and now by Google and its Chromebooks. The Windows maker is fighting back by trying to combine Windows 10 with hardware that makes mobile devices so useful: always-on connectivity and battery life. But even before Redmond can regain its foothold, it seems that Google will be fighting back with a Chromebook codenamed “Cheza”, powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845.last_img read more

Googles own Smart Display will reportedly fuel the Alexa war this year

first_imgGoogle is said to be planning to release a new smart speaker, and it might be looking to the Echo Show for inspiration. A new rumor claims that Google will release a smart speaker with a display at some point this year. If that turns out to be true, then that means Google would have a smart speaker to compete with almost every device in Amazon’s Echo line up. Story TimelineJBL Link View smart display with Google Assistant now up for preorderGoogle Assistant getting Smart Display smart home UI There is, of course, an outlier in the Echo Look, but it’s hard to imagine Google coming up with a competitor to that one. In any case, this rumor comes from Nikkei Asian Review, which spoke to unnamed sources who told it that Google will look to have this display-equipped smart speaker ready to go by the ever-important holiday shopping season.READ MORE: Lenovo Smart Display ReviewThose who have following the development of the Google Assistant platform probably won’t be surprised to hear this rumor. A few companies have already announced Google Assistant smart speakers with displays, with Lenovo’s Smart Display being the first out of the gate. It makes sense that Google would decide to release a speaker of its own that’s equipped with a display, considering that it created a platform that other manufacturers are using to do just that.Google has pretty lofty aspirations for this new smart speaker, with an industry source telling Nikkei that the company is targeting 3 million shipments for its initial release. Whether or not consumers will actually buy that many is another question entirely, especially when we can probably expect this speaker to cost a fair amount of money.AdChoices广告As always, take what you hear coming from the rumor mill with a grain of salt, but this report certainly makes some degree of sense. If Google wants to have this new smart speaker out the door in time for the holidays, it probably won’t be much longer before it’s officially confirmed – perhaps we’ll see it revealed alongside the rumored Pixel 3? Time will tell, so stay tuned.last_img read more

OnePlus first to get Snapdragon 855 as 2019 5G plans revealed

first_imgOnePlus will be the first company to offer Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 855 chipset, the company has confirmed today, with a new flagship coming next year. The news was announced by OnePlus’ Pete Lau at the Snapdragon Summit 2018, Qualcomm’s annual event where it previews its upcoming flagship mobile chipset and the technologies that go into it. Details of the new phone are slim. Indeed, all we really know is that it will be OnePlus’ 2019 flagship that uses the Snapdragon 855. Qualcomm has said that the chipset will include an all-new computer vision ISP along with a new, 4th generation multi-core AI Engine, which draws together the Adreno, Kryo, and Hexagon components of the SoC. The big question was whether the OnePlus 2019 flagship will support 5G. That’s been a big part of Qualcomm’s push with the Snapdragon 855, as carriers in the US and abroad prepare to light up their 5G networks for commercial service in 2019. OnePlus is no stranger to it, either.Indeed, in August 2018 the OnePlus 5G Lab conducted the first 5G call with Qualcomm’s hardware. The company has been working with carrier EE in the UK on 5G trials, and announced today a new strategic partnership to work together on 5G devices and services. The new OnePlus 5G flagship will be the first 5G device to launch in Europe on the EE network.AdChoices广告EE has already confirmed its first 5G launch cities. London, Cardiff, Belfast, Edinburgh, Birmingham, and Manchester will be in the first wave of locations to get 5G service. They’ll be joined by additional cities over the course of the year. That includes Bristol, Coventry, Glasgow, Hull, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, Newcastle, Nottingham, and Sheffield. As for when, exactly, OnePlus’s 5G phone launch will happen, that hasn’t been pinned down. We’re expecting the first Snapdragon 855-based products to arrive on shelves in the first half of 2019, however, though whether they’ll have the Qualcomm X50 modem with its 5G support remains to be seen. Indeed, OnePlus could indeed opt to launch two versions of its new flagship – believed to be different from the current flagship OnePlus line, expected to next be joined by the OnePlus 7 – first with the X24 Gigabit LTE modem, and then following with a second version with 5G support later in the year. Story TimelineQualcomm Snapdragon 855 revealed as 5G flagshipQualcomm Snapdragon 855: Everything you need to knowlast_img read more