Camels, bison at Animal Adventure enjoy old Christmas trees as special treats

first_imgHe said the bison may even toss tree up to 15 feet in the air! Dromedary camels Randy and Lucy used their tree as a snack and toy to play with. If you’d like to donate a tree to the park, it has to be tinsel-free and can be placed by the red dumpsters at the large red barn. HARPURSVILLE (WBNG) — Camels and bison at Animal Adventure Park enjoyed old Christmas trees as a special treat on Friday afternoon. Bison at the park also received a tree to play with, Patch saying, “they will eat them, they will play with them, and they get much more rambunctious than some of our other species.”center_img Patch mentioned trees are inspected for hooks and ornaments pieces before being given to animals and are only given to those that can safely digest them. “To really put another use to something that’s already been celebrated by humans, and now by animals, that’s just fun all the way around.” Park Owner Jordan Patch said, “They are capable of eating just about anything in that harsh desert environment that they’re from, so eating a pine tree is no different than eating the sticks, twigs, brushes, prickers, cacti, you name it.”last_img read more

Father and son create PPE pipeline website, uniting people in need with products being made

first_img“It really touched us, what can we do to make this more, and expand it and get it out in the community, because there’s such a need for it,” said Joe Weston. However, the father and son said their goals expand far beyond that. Father and son Joe and Aidan Weston were already working to make face shields for people who need them in our area when they decided to step it up. For the duo, the goal now focuses on awareness. The pair noticed a disconnect in the PPE pipeline in the area, Joe Weston saying, “Aidan and I tried to think of a better way to get the word out and have a streamlined hub for people who produce PPE in the community to contact folks who need the PPE in the community.” As of Wednesday you can order masks, shields and ventilator splitters on the website. “Our dream of the project is to, every community takes it and installs it in their community and every county or a couple places in the state that would help immensely with front line workers to get some items that they need,” said Joe Weston. The website became fully operational as of April 14 and has orders from three people and seven volunteers.center_img “We just need more volunteers, again like you pointed out there’s a lot of people making it, we just need them to know about the site,” said Joe Weston. It’s a project the pair said pays off big time. (WBNG) — A local father and son are simplifying the way people acquire personal protective equipment from others in the community through a new website. Solving their problem, the pair, alongside help from local company Sage Solutions, created a new website titled ‘Hometown PPE.’ If you are in need of PPE, you can request what kind of item and how many on the website. Then, a volunteer can take on your need, make the product and it gets delivered to you. “The gratitude that the people have and the comfort they get from it is, it’s unbelievable, you can’t put it into words,” said Joe Weston.last_img read more

Grocery stores limiting how much meat, poultry and pork products customers can buy

first_imgPrice Chopper says they are limiting customers to purchase one item of all ground beef and ground turkey; all chicken breast, drumsticks, thighs, whole chicken and all boneless or bone-in pork chops. Tops says they are limiting their beef, including ground beef products, down to two packages per customer, as well as fresh pork, including marinated pork, and fresh chicken. The only meat product the Weis stores are limiting is the top london broil which is one per customer. According to the Tops website, they say this weekend they started to put a limit on how much meat their customers can purchase due to high demand until further notice. They say they will be placing a limit of two on ‘Family Pack 80% Ground Beef’ and ‘Family Pack Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast’. (WBNG)- Some stores in the Southern Tier are now temporarily limiting how much meat you can purchase in the stores. Wegmans is also putting limits on how much meat their customers can purchase.last_img read more

Hillcrest Fire Chief steps down following Facebook post controversy

first_imgIn a Facebook post, Larson announced he formally resigned Thursday. Larson says he’s been a volunteer firefighter for over 20 years. The Hillcrest Fire Company Board of Directors has completed its investigation into Larson sharing a Facebook post that read, “Is it wrong to follow rioters home and burn their property? Asking for a friend.” Larson’s resignation statement can be found here.center_img (WBNG) — Former Hillcrest Fire Chief Rick Larson has resigned from his position. The post followed the nationwide protests and riots in response to the death of George Floyd.last_img read more

Ross Park Zoo announces re-opening dates

first_img• For your safety, all visitors will follow a linear path through the zoo. The following areas and exhibits will not be visible until a later date: African Waters, New World Tropics, red-necked wallaby, Wolf Woods (wolves visible on upper path), Arctic fox. • All guests over the age of two will be required to bring and wear a mask or face covering, unless doing so is contrary to their health/safety due to a medical condition. Likewise, all Ross Park Zoo staff will be wearing masks to protect you as well. The Zoo will be following guidelines set forth by New York State: Admission hours will be from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The zoo will close at 5 p.m. Capacity will be monitored. • The Leopard’s Spot Snack Shack will NOT be open until a later date. Snacks and drinks will be available for purchase at the admission booth and Zoovenirs Gift Shop. • The Zoovenirs Gift Shop will be open for limited capacity shopping. Guests may avoid walking through the gift shop when they exit by leaving through our old entry gate. BINGHAMTON (WBNG)-Ross Park Zoo is set to reopen June 29 to July 1 for members only and July 2 for the public. • Maintain CDC suggested social distancing of at least 6 feet between visitor groups. Signage and pavement decals have been installed to help remind our visitors. The Ross Park Zoo is located at 60 Morgan Road in Binghamton.last_img read more

Broome County closes its senior centers for rest of year due to virus

first_imgAccording to Broome County Office for Aging Director Lisa Schuhle, the county will continue to serve drive-up meals to-go five days a week. People will need to call and make a reservation for their meal. This service will continue for the rest of the pandemic, she says. The county says it conducted a community survey asking random people that regularly visited the centers over the last few weeks if they felt safe coming to them. They say the result of the survey was most people “don’t feel safe” to return to the centers. Schuhle noted all other services provided by the Office for Aging are still operating. 59 residents recovered and 27 residents died. In total, the nursing home reported 108 cases since the outbreak began. He says, “We want to make sure they’re absolutely safe.” “We love our senior centers,” he said. “We love our staff at our senior centers. We love what our senior centers do for our seniors. But the fact of the matter is, when you talk about the COVID-19 pandemic, our seniors are our most vulnerable population.” Broome County Executive Jason Garnar says the decision to close the centers was not taken lightly. In addition to this, Garnar says Willow Point continues to make progress with its active COVID-19 cases. As of Wednesday, there are 22 active cases at the facility. (WBNG) — Broome County officials have closed all senior centers to the public for the remainder of the year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.last_img read more

Two Rivers church gives away hundreds of food bags

first_imgJOHNSON CITY (WBNG) — Two Rivers Church in Johnson City held a food giveaway Sunday, where they planned to give out 800 bags of groceries to local families in need. Partnering with Convoy of Hope, the church prepared enough food bags to give four-hundred families two bags each. Lead Pastor Will Hampton says with the pandemic leaving more local families in need of a good meal, it was just their way of lending a helping hand. “There are many things that we can do to step up and be a community and as the community pulls together it brings health and a lot of people who are hurting into a place where they can receive healing,” he said. Pastor Hampton says they gave away five hundred bags last week, and plan to hold another giveaway next weekend, held in conjunction with giveaways at their other locations in Ithaca, Corning and Cortland.last_img read more

Here are the type of jobs currently available in the Southern Tier

first_img(WBNG) — Even six months into the pandemic, many of the same job trends the Southern Tier saw back in March still apply today. For all of the latest Southern Tier job openings, click here. Murphy said the current unemployment rate within the manufacturing industry is slightly above 8 percent, less than half of what it was during the height of the pandemic. While he said the region’s dependence on the industry has lessened over the years, it still plays a vital role in the local economy. One sector that Murphy believes could be in danger however is education. Without large scale federal intervention, he’s worried about massive job losses. “I think a lot of the school districts either have committed to some layoffs or are pondering them depending on what’s going to happen in Washington as far as the CARES ACT,” Murphy said Monday. Several districts have told 12 News if a proposed 20% reduction in state aid occurs, and without significant federal help, their budgets would be decimated, and many would have to consider layoffs. 12 News caught up with Broome-Tioga Workforce Executive Director Bob Murphy to examine what jobs are available in the local area. He said industries that have retained importance, and job openings, include manufacturing and healthcare.last_img read more