International tech firms engage local Private, Public Sectors on business innovation

first_imgAs Guyana’s oil and gas sector matures rapidly, it is crucial that local businesses become more innovative so as to provide efficient and improved ways to deliver the desired quality of service to both Guyanese and foreign end-users.Elo Touch Regional Sales Director Carlos CorredorInformatik Solutions Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Software Engineer Luis Santiago,Spearheaded by Starr Computer Inc, the transformational seminar geared at educating local organisations on innovation in products and services was officially opened on Tuesday at the business’s Brickdam headquarters. Businesses that operate in the areas of healthcare, warehousing, retail, hospitality, manufacturing and asset management are among those targeted.Speakers featured at the event include Elo Touch Regional Sales Director Carlos Corredor and Informatik Solutions Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Software Engineer Luis Santiago, along with Bluestar General Manager Luis Fernando.In opening remarks, Starr Computer President Mike Mohan reiterated that local businesses should change the way they deliver services so as to keep up with today’s innovation-based world.“There’s a lot of disruption taking place today, with the oil and gas technology is changing the way we work, live, and play. And with the oil and gas very close to its production stage, it is really very important that the businesses in Guyana begin to transform the way they do business and move towards the direction of better automation of better quality of services,” Mohan stated.Elo Touch Sales Director Corredor, in his presentation, remarked that significant opportunities for product markets existed in Guyana, as he showcased the range of hardware and software equipment offered by the company.“We see great opportunities in this country; we see great opportunities in the market and the retail and point-of-sale opportunity that we pretty much manage, so this is an example of the influx of people, of companies that have opportunities that are coming in the near future, with the oil and gas industry and everything that’s part of that ecosystem,” Corredor noted.Meanwhile, Informatik Solutions CEO Santiago touched on the software that was interfacing with multiple manufacturers’ hardware to generate the desired results, noting that significant change would come about as a result of Guyana’s oil and gas sector.“So, Guyana is about to go in a very interesting part of its history … as oil and gas come in and starts to develop, a lot of funds are going to become available suddenly, which means that a lot of investments is going to be happening suddenly and that’s going to make a lot of changes happen really fast at the same time,” he stated.Santiago further explained that his company played the role of advising and empowering local businesses on ways to prevent disruption.“This person that is Guyanese, that is local is endangered: they’re going to be displaced probably. Who is telling what to do to prevent that disruption? And this is where this partnership come in, we want to empower those local entrepreneurs to not only think about Guyana as its market, but actually to develop themselves in a way to be globally natured,” he detailed.Some of the solutions offered by these companies include: point-of-sale, payment processing, security and biometrics, and auto identification (ID) software.last_img read more