Proposal of the law on unappreciated land sent to the second parliamentary reading

first_imgThe Government of the Republic of Croatia sent the Draft Law on Unrated Construction Land to the second parliamentary reading. It is also regulated that the content of the lease agreement in the camp on the tourist land will be prescribed by a decree, and the procedure for the implementation of the study, which has been simplified, is more precisely prescribed. With an important change, the Minister also pointed out that it is unequivocally prescribed that in the case of further construction in that camp, a building permit can be obtained for the area of ​​the existing camp and in the case when the spatial plan in that area envisages some other purpose. to obtain building permits for the camp. “We are actively working despite the situation with the coronavirus. The draft law on unrated construction land was sent to the second parliamentary reading. This law is absolutely necessary and will be enforceable, high quality, fair and reform. We analyzed all the proposals made in the first reading and held a series of meetings. We put the emphasis on the concepts of tourist resort and buildings and hotel building plots. The law will resolve long-standing property and legal relations and regulate the status of land that is exempt from conversion and privatization and that tourist companies have used for 20 years free of charge.”Banožić pointed out. Banožić singled out a better definition of the terms of the building plot of a hotel, tourist resort and buildings, which are of great importance for the regulation of property relations and law enforcement, and the final proposal extended the deadline for the preparation of geodetic studies.center_img In the case of an administrative dispute, the administrative court has jurisdiction to independently determine the facts and other procedures, and companies that have missed the deadline for submitting applications for concessions for tourist land under the old law are allowed to initiate proceedings to resolve property relations under the new the law. Minister of State Property Mario Banožić emphasized its importance for investment activity, especially in tourism and camps, and reminded that there are 76 camps in Croatia today, with an area of ​​more than 14 million square meters. These camps were subject to the transformation of social enterprises during which the facilities were estimated, but not more than 6 million square meters of tourist land around them. Source: Ministry of State Propertylast_img read more

Once Upon a Time tweaks its formula going into season six

first_imgBeing a fan of Once Upon a Time has been a series of ups and downs. Sometimes you get a plot arc like last year’s fantastic King Arthur story. Other times you get that weird Frozen cash-in. Sometimes they give us a compelling mystery where the twists and revelations are earned and shocking. Sometimes, they just erase the characters’ memories for a thousandth time.Before a new season starts, that’s one of the tenser moments in OUAT fandom: How will this new season be? Will we get interesting new characters and stories? Or are we in for another 12 weeks of memory loss, mopey Regina, and Henry being an insufferable teenager? This year, we’re also coming off an especially strong fifth season and I’m wondering if the show can pull off that kind of magic twice in a row.Season Five really was something special. In the past when each half-season had its own complete story arc, one was typically much stronger than the other. That wasn’t the case last year. The season opened strong with Emma as The Dark One and King Arthur’s court camping out in Storybrooke. I was so excited to find out what happened, I didn’t even care that they were dragging out the stolen memory device again. The King Arthur storyline provided plenty of intrigue and helped sell it with a charismatic cast of new characters. It may be one of the best half-seasons the show has ever had.Jennifer Morrison as the Dark Swan in Season Five of Once Upon a Time (Photo: Screenshot via ABC)When they went to The Underworld in the second half, I thought  it couldn’t possibly live up to the Dark Swan story. Plus, knowing they were going to bring in Hades from Hercules, there was no way the actor they got was going to top James Woods’s performance from the cartoon. In the end, it didn’t matter. Greg Germann had all the easy charm and startling rage you want from the character, and Emma and Co.’s journey through the Underworld to rescue Hook had me glued to the couch every Sunday.Now, as we prepare for tonight’s premiere, I wonder if Season Six can live up to all that. It’s the same feeling I had after finishing the third season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Fortunately, there are promising signs already. Things are changing in Storybrooke, which should hopefully make for some great TV. Regina has finally separated herself from the Evil Queen, which will hopefully allow her to find her happy ending soon.Also, if you thought OUAT was running low on fairy tales and Disney movies to bring into Storybrooke, it seems the show’s producers agree. So they’ve brought in characters from classic literature. Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde, The Three Musketeers, and The Count of Monte Cristo will all come to Storybrooke and I can’t wait to see the kind of twist the show puts on these characters.The characters from Aladdin also join the cast this year. If you’re wondering why it took them this long to make that happen, well… The characters previously appeared (played by different actors) in the spinoff series, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. The less said about that one, the better. This time around, they’ll be fully integrated into the main show. While there will be no Genie (grumble), that at least means we’ll be seeing a wholly different take on the story, which should make for some fun guessing and speculation after each episode.Oded Fehr as Jafar in Once Upon a Time. (Photo: Screenshot via ABC)Honestly, this season could be Once Upon a Time’s most interesting yet. While I’m skeptical that they’ll be able to completely nail it as well as they did last season, the introduction of new kinds of stories and characters that will bring an 1800s steampunk aesthetic to Storybrooke gives me hope. At the very least they’ll add an exciting twist to the OUAT tropes we’ve grown to love. As long as no one loses their memories again (please?), we should be in for a fun ride.last_img read more