MR says Government has killed hundred birds with one stone

“The Central bank bond scam has been forgotten. The debt crisis has been forgotten. Some of those injured in the Easter Sunday attacks are still in hospital but they too have been forgotten. There is now no talk about extremists. The searches have stopped. The discovery of weapons has ceased. There is no talk of the steps being taken with regard to the terrorist suspects arrested. Thus, the government has killed about a hundred birds with one stone,” Rajapaksa said in a statement today. “The UNP needs the votes of the moderates as well as the extremists within the Muslim community. They don’t care where their votes come from. The Muslim leaders for their part, want a government they can manipulate at will. But this confluence of interests will not solve the problem that the ordinary Muslims of this country face today. The ordinary people of this country want protection from extremists terorists. The ordinary Muslim folk in this country want to weed out the terrorists from their midst and to resume their normal lives,” he said.Rajapaksa also said that due to the emergence of exclusively Muslim political parties from the 1980s onwards, Muslims isolated themselves in the political sphere and the en masse resignation of Muslim Ministers marks a high point in this process. (Colombo Gazette) Leader of the opposition Mahinda Rajapaksa says the Government has killed hundred birds with one stone.He said that public attention has been distracted by the recent en mase resignations by Muslim Ministers and the Government has managed to sweep many issues under the carpet. He also said that the United National Party (UNP) is making good use of the Muslim community for their political purposes. read more

Thieves loot Berbice Pensioners Association office

Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedPensioner seriously injured following home invasionMarch 12, 2015In “Crime”Corentyne pensioner robbed, beaten by armed banditsDecember 11, 2016In “Crime”Armed bandits beat, rob Berbice family, escape with cash, jewellerySeptember 17, 2016In “Crime” The elderly citizens of the Berbice Pensioners Association (BPA) were left traumatised after bandits on Sunday night invaded the premises carting off a number of valuable items.Reports are the caretaker of the Association’s building was not on site on Sunday and thieves used the opportunity to raid the entity. This publication was told that the thieves made their way into the building via a window situated at the back of the building.BPA President Alfred Paul said that the caretaker left the premises around 21:00hrs and returned the following day.Upon her return, it was discovered that the window had been forced open.Further inspections revealed a number of items, including a gas stove, were missing.Paul is appalled that persons would commit such an act against the elderly.It is not the first time that the building which was constructed in 2011 was burglarised.Back then, louver panes were stolen which forced the Association to use vent blocks on the building. Last year, an attempt was made to enter the building through the window, which was used in this break-in, but the caretaker who was on hand then thwarted all efforts. The association is a non-profit one and caters for pensioners, mainly those who are unemployed.It has provided computer training to both pensioners and others, as well as cookery and fabric design programmes for the community.Despite the inability of many of its members to earn, a part of the focus of the organisation is to impart knowledge to the community. Police are investigating the recent break-in. read more