What are the features of long tail keywords


is the core keywords, when users search does not really want to find the literal meaning of this word, for example, users search the word "car", is likely to want to buy a car, there may be looking for accessories, may also have to understand the market, but because of the long tail words long, for users to search words are relatively easy to judge true intentions. So the search target is relatively accurate.

five, the target more accurate



may be a two day search, may also have the word within 1 years only search a larger, especially the long tail word length, even within a few years can only be a search, so the search frequency of its great instability. read more

What is the real Shanghai Dragon don’t say you don’t know

One day, >

. Too many people think only Shanghai Longfeng website ranking, but they do not know what ranking is only one aspect of the Shanghai dragon. The theme of the site planning, determine the site construction, site selection, program selection, space and domain name server selection, believe that these aspects do not say we all know that have a big impact on Shanghai dragon.

"Oh, learn to do Shanghai dragon"

now is everywhere online personal and service of Shanghai dragon. One day a customer, "Shanghai dragon? Shanghai dragon not by cheating to improve website rankings? Do not need such people and services." read more

6 let love Shanghai easy website method

in May 31st, after the bottle has published how to make a love Shanghai not to patronize the website of the second, and many of my friends have asked the bottle, how their website love Shanghai not included? This problem involves many aspects, then put the bottle to share their views:

1, the new site structure, title structure, all right, love is not included in Shanghai. Man does not love the bottle to submit sites, because search engines let active included your website is the best, but also can not be too passive, can be connected with the love of Shanghai products website or PR high place to send a link, let love to climb along the Shanghai link on our website. read more

2012 new year with heart to Shanghai Dragon

has been in the past, we ushered in the new development of 2012, hope every webmaster can be better in the new year. The new year with "heart" to Shanghai dragon, the search engine optimization work to extricate from the heavy manual labor.

we released the chain is in fact a process simulation of active user recommendation site, in fact, to search engine, the chain is meant to understand website user of the website to recommend. Whether it is linked to the species diversity, the correlation is to simulate the process of natural users sharing sites, when we talk about Adsense intermediary transactions we will naturally think of Admin5, we could recommend it and will provide the URL, which forms a recommendation, also is an import link Admin5. Natural recommended by the real data, the link has natural diversity and correlation. read more

The interpretation of a higher real Click to help stabilize Shanghai ranked love

for every Shanghai dragon Er, the dream is to have a stable high traffic keywords ranking. When getting a lot of keywords ranking, Shanghai dragon is immersed in the joy of Er, often without danger. The ancients cloud "Dajiangshan easy to keep country is difficult, it also can be applied to our Shanghai dragon industry. A moderate degree of competition words do a good ranking is not difficult, but it is not easy to hold this rank.

2: the description page description information also can not be ignored, because the description description information will be displayed in the search results, its quality also affects the ability to attract visitors to the site. read more

The new line of Shanghai Longfeng optimization tutorial series two Operation

speaking in front of the new Shanghai dragon optimization preparations. When all the preparatory work done, we need to start the next operation. In fact, I believe that the Shanghai dragon optimization test is your ability and coping ability, after all in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, what kind of situations are likely to occur, you need the advance guard and the situation can be effectively treated by the unhurried, of course, most of the time, some can be avoided before don’t panic, the situation appeared due to negligence, combined with their own ability and thinking to rotate, step by step, it is easy to believe that you can get back. Then in the operation of new Shanghai dragon optimization, and how we should carry on the actual combat? Today I continue with second articles, new Shanghai dragon optimization operation, I believe that many owners are on this very interested. read more

Case analysis of Shanghai love index data and the real number of visitors appear out of the reason

obtained by

love Shanghai index and ranking

The so-called

since we found it a problem, we need to analyze why the real number of visitors will love Shanghai index data and the difference is so great. For the love of Shanghai index, we can define it by the Shanghai daily times this love search a keyword. According to the author’s experience, this data is often higher than the number of visitors to get real. So why did this happen? The author will briefly talk about love Shanghai index and real visitor data appear a few big difference reason. read more

Don’t be in love with Shanghai webmaster mistakes interfering with your strategy

loves Shanghai alone so many Chinese webmaster and Shanghai dragon Er live in the shadow of the day, dare not neglect the match up, only for the home and love as a space for one person, Shanghai Chinese’s biggest search engine, many webmaster was unable to give a sense of security, because of their own mistakes too much, often let the station of life the roller coaster in the rhythm, although love Shanghai mistakes let too much to handle your mistakes, but don’t be interference strategy to love Shanghai. read more

Analysis of Shanghai dragon’s five criteria optimization

The structure of

, the first five criteria for the

search engine ranking principle causes very worthy of our study is that people see in the search results is the most likely time according to the ranking of search results back to search to search information, which is also the director of Shanghai Longfeng work to the state can make our web site as far as possible in the front row.

4, the website for search engine

Shanghai Longfeng nature optimization task is to improve the site traffic, but in general, the search engine is more on the website, the more finalists are selected, so the Shanghai dragon director is necessary to understand search engine placement order. read more

Desert resolution ResellerClub domain name registration returns planConstruction of station 10 days

ResellerClub is Asia’s largest domain registrar, launched last week Chinese website resellerclub/cn, they provide the domain name service, since the agent, so I believe many of my friends care about is back, you should have heard about foreign host back thing, so, ResellerClub domain name registration is what a refund about

look at the official to introduce you to activate your proxy domain account after the last 3 months of the average amount of more than 100 registered domain name, then the next month to 15% new domain name, domain name registration can enjoy 10 cents each refund preferential refund next month to deposit returns to your account. Look at this estimate, you don’t get it, so, look at the list they’re officially giving, read more