Sign of the times for bakery

first_imgMost craft bakers’ bread and cakes prices have risen in the last 12 months, although some branded products are even cheaper than a year ago, according to British Baker’s Shopping Basket.In the year since our food and drink comparison began recording prices around the country, a large white loaf is up 18p to £1.40 on average, a large granary loaf is up 10p to £1.48, and a jam doughnut now costs 53.8p, up nearly 4p.However, Walkers Crisps in craft shops are selling for 41.2p, down from 45p this time last year. Interestingly, customers at the main coffee shop chains have seen fewer changes on their bill. Hot drinks prices remain virtually unchanged, the only difference being that the cheapest coffee shop chain – Caffè Nero – has increased prices to bring them more in line with its competitors. So its regular tea is 5p more than it was 12 months ago (the same as Starbucks) and Coffee Republic has also increased the price of its tea from £1.30 to £1.59.Similarly, Caffè Nero’s regular latte and cappuccino are another 10p each, while the other chain’s coffee prices haven’t moved, although Starbucks seemed to have a small promotion on its latte last summer, down from £2.40 to £2.05.Coffee shop comparisonThere have been no real surprises with coffee shop food either: Caffè Nero charges 15p more for a cheese panini (up to £3.40), while there is no change in the price of chocolate chip cookies, and blueberry muffins cost the same, except that diners at Coffee Republic are paying 5p less (down to £1.65).A slice of chocolate cake will set you back the same amount as it did last April in Caffè Nero (£2.25) and Costa Coffee (£2.35) although at the end of last year, this had dipped to £1.80 at Starbucks and gone up to £2.50 in Coffee Republic.Supermarket parityWith rising wheat costs, it’s no surprise that plant bread prices have risen at the supermarkets over the last year, but it’s interesting to see that prices are now similar across the major retailers; an 800g Warburtons Toastie sold from anywhere between 70p (Asda) to £1.16 (Morrisons) last April, but it was £1.29 across the board in February this year.There is also more parity across retailers with other products – for example, Soreen Fruity Malt Loaf started out at between 56p and 88p, but a few months later was 62p in all stores.Meanwhile, supermarket crisps fans are paying anything up to 13p more than they were this time last year for a packet of Walkers; Sainsbury’s is charging 43p (up from 30p) while at Asda it’s 40p rather than 32p. However, a 500ml bottle of Coke to wash them down with now costs less; it’s up to 5p cheaper now (down from 97p at Waitrose) and typically 1p or 2p less.—-=== Supermarket price comparisons ===Walkers Crisps (packet – 40g) Warburtons Toastie (800g)*Feb ’09 April ’08 Feb ’09 April ’08Sainsbury’s 43p 30p £1.29 £1.11Tesco 40p 32p £1.29 £1.11Waitrose/Ocado 40p 36p n/a £1.11Morrisons 40p 35p £1.29 £1.16Asda 40p 32p £1.29 70p* bread prices may be affected by seasonal promotions—-=== Craft bakery price comparison* ===Feb ’09 April ’08Large White Loaf £1.40 £1.22Large Granary Loaf £1.48 £1.38Jam Doughnut 53.8p 50pWalkers Crisps 41.2p 45p* mean prices based on BB’s price check over the last 12 month—-=== Coffee shop comparison ===Eat-in prices Regular tea – Nov ’08 Regular tea – May ’08Costa Coffee £1.60 £1.60Coffee Republic £1.59 £1.30Starbucks £1.55 £1.55Caffè Nero £1.55 £1.50last_img read more

Požega-Slavonia County received 23 new bicycle guides

first_imgThe Tourist Board of Požega-Slavonia County has implemented the first of a total of three parts of the cyclotourism development project in Požega-Slavonia County.In the first phase, training for bicycle guides was held by the development agency from Pazin IRTA doo, after which Požega-Slavonia County received a new 23 for bicycle guides. Each of the participants received a certificate from the Croatian Cycling Federation that they can lead groups of cyclists in our county and beyond.The other two parts of the project according to the Operational Plan for Cyclotourism Development of Požega-Slavonia County are in the final phase: Development of a bicycle map of Požega-Slavonia County and “Inclusion of cycling routes and tourist content of Požega-Slavonia County in the project Croatia bike routes” which should be completed until the end of 2018, they point out from the Tourist Board of Požega-Slavonia County.The operational plan for the development of cycling tourism in Požega-Slavonia County, as well as all bike trails and the offer can be viewed hereEven if the whole cycling tourism story were developed in synergy at the level of the entire destination Slavonia, it would be a strategic development. This way we have 5 counties and 5 different tourism products, as well as cycling stories. This, as well as many other trainings, were to be held at the level of the entire region of Slavonia. This is more so in the case of cycling tourism, where the average and recreational cyclist travels 30 kilometers by bicycle and in one day travels from one county to another by bicycle.This is another practical proof of how the whole of Slavonia should be developed and branded through one brand – Slavonia.last_img read more

AP7’s balanced Såfa loses 0.5% in H1 but still beats private providers

first_imgIn the first half of 2015, the two funds returned 10.5% and 0.6%, respectively.However, AP7 said developments on global stock markets had been strong in August this year. “This has meant that the unit price for the AP7 equity fund, as of 24 August 2016, has increased by 7.3% since mid-year,” it said.AP7’s board decided last year to scale back the leverage in the equity fund to 125% from 150%, from the summer of 2015.The pension fund said the equity fund’s leverage rate was 124.8% as of the end of June.Within its equities fund, AP7 said active alpha management had detracted from investment profits to the tune of SEK238m (€24.9m) in the half year.Tactical asset allocation, on the other hand, contributed positively by SEK59m in the six-month period.The pension fund explained that active management consisted of tactical allocation and pure alpha management involving taking long or short positions in shareholdings, while tactical asset allocation mainly involved departing from the established leverage ratio by 12 percentage points up or down.AP7 also said it made an SEK25.3bn net profit on its active-equities lending programme in January to June via its depositary bank Bank of New York Mellon.The equity fund’s assets fell in value to SEK259.7bn at the end of June from SEK261.1bn at the end of December 2015, while the bond fund’s assets grew to SEK23.5bn from SEK22.1bn, according to the interim data. Sweden’s state pension fund AP7 – the default defined contribution (DC) fund in the Premium Pension System (PPM) – reported a 0.5% loss for the first half of the year for its Såfa lifecycle product, which it said was still slimmer than the 1.7% loss private premium pensions suffered over the period.The return on the Såfa product, which combines investments from AP7’s equity and bond funds, is much lower than the 9.8% AP7 managed to generate for its savers in the same period in 2015.In its interim report, AP7 said the equity fund, which holds the bulk of the pension fund’s assets, suffered a 0.5% loss between January and June, in line with the benchmark index.The bond fund, meanwhile, produced a return of 0.7%.last_img read more