Jamaica’s Opposition Leader Peter Phillips Undergoes Successful Cancer Surgery

first_imgThe medical team has also stated that Dr Phillips will be in need of further treatment over the next few months as he continues in his public duties.While he is currently on leave as PNP President, he will continue to provide direction and guidance to the party, and will increase his level of public duties.Prime Minister Andrew Holness and many other politicians have congratulated Phillips on a successful surgery and wished him a speedy recovery. KINGSTON, Jamaica – Jamaica’s opposition leader, Dr. Peter Phillips was recently successfully treated for stage 3 colon cancer.The initial health evaluation of Phillips, made weeks ago, resulted in “a diagnosis of stage 3 curable colon cancer.”A statement by Phillips’ medical team revealed that the People’s National Party (PNP) president underwent “complete and successful surgical removal of the cancer on March 23 and is now recovering comfortably at home.”last_img read more

The imagination station

first_img1 of 6 Evans’ playsets range in price from $265 to $850, depending on how elaborate they are.“It has been so fun to see the mud kitchens do so well. It all kind of started with a ‘let’s just see what happens’ kind of approach,” Evans said.Evans said a lot of families have provided positive feedback on the imaginary kitchens, with many parents saying it is a nice way to encourage kids to get outside, and also provides a respite to parents while their children are playing. Marina Evans and Nico Evans enjoy imaginative play with the Double Sink Mud Kitchen and Sensory Bin and Stand from Monarch Studio. — Traeger di Pietro Marina Evans at play with the Sensory Bin and Stand from Monarch Studio. — Traeger di Pietro Paul Angelico and Lauren Angelico in Monarch Studio, which creates sensory play furniture and mud kitchens. — Traeger di Pietro About four years ago, Evans, who lives in Vineyard Haven, was shopping online and saw some mud kitchens that she thought would be perfect for her 2-year-old daughter (now 6 years old).A mud kitchen is a small kitchen setup for children that brings together cooking with life-size utensils and role play from the home and outdoor environment into one sensory experience. It can also be used all year round, and is a great way for children to build independence and confidence.Evans asked her father to build a mud kitchen for her daughter, and it was an absolute hit. But she wanted to make and sell the playsets so other children could have a great time while also working on cognitive and motor skills, so she designed a mud kitchen and started to sell her products from her Etsy studio, Monarch Studio Shop. Lauren Angelico, left, Marina Evans, and Nico Evans play with the Double Sink Mud Kitchen and Sensory Bin and Stand from Monarch Studio. — Traeger di Pietro Video Playerhttps://www.mvtimes.com/mvt/uploads/2020/08/monarch-studio-sensory-play.mp400:0000:0001:47Lauren Evans wants to make sure kids are getting outside while using their hands and active imaginations to both learn and have fun. Marina Evans and Nico Evans are playing with the Double Sink Mud Kitchen and Sensory Bin and Stand from Monarch Studio. — Traeger di Pietro Nico Evans works on filling the Double Sink Mud Kitchen from Monarch Studio. — Traeger di Pietro “Kids have such vivid imaginations, mud can be anything to a kid. My son will be playing in his kitchen — one day he is making muffins, and the next day he is working on a construction site,” Evans said. “And because kids get so engaged in what they are doing, parents can kind of step back and relax for a few.”For a lot of families, Evans said the imagination stations are replacing the hours of screen time that kids might be “a bit overloaded on.”“Kids get to play outside and use their hands and imaginations,” Evans said. “They are learning as they are playing, and they don’t even realize it.”And you don’t need a huge yard or playroom for the mud kitchens. They fit easily in a small yard or play area.According to Evans, schools have used mud kitchens and other sensory tools to enhance outdoor play areas and encourage interaction and collaboration between kids.Evans also makes a sensory bin stand, which holds a large Tupperware container that can be filled with craft sand, birdseed, rice, or water and bubbles.One child can play at the sensory bin stand, or multiple kids can play at once, and families can fill the bins with anything that their kids enjoy playing with.All of the Monarch Studio Shop playsets are made of natural, untreated pine.Evans also makes different entertainment and education sets for kids, such as a puppet theater, a wooden tool bench, a reading nook that gives kids privacy to read, write, or draw, and a play castle for indoor play during the winter.One of her friends has offered to make kits to go along with the sensory bin stands that will highlight a particular theme, and will include a book and dry materials for playtime. Nothing on the mud kitchens or the sensory bin stands is electronic or battery-operated, so kids who use the playsets are fully immersed in what they are doing.Evans said the idea behind the playsets is simple, but effective.“Kids love to mimic adults, and one thing adults do every single day is cook,” Evans said. “This way, they can mimic the adults in their life, siblings can learn from and teach each other, and kids gain a new sense of independence, which helps them build confidence.”Apart from giving parents a bit of a break, the playsets allow kids to have their own space, their own tools, and their own projects going on. “It gives them their own imaginary world and allows them to be very creative,” Evans said. She noted that kids get immense gratification when they see they have made something entirely on their own, even if it’s a mud pie. And the playsets also teach kids to share their tools and toys with siblings and friends.For Evans, getting kids outside is just as important as getting them up and active. “When children spend a lot of time outdoors, they are happier and more calm. Statistics show people are happier when they spend time outside,” Evans said.Evans said last fall, she engaged in a fundraising campaign through IFundWomen, an online crowdfunding platform for women-led startups, and she surpassed her $3,000 goal.“We had amazing support from friends and family, as well as people who didn’t know us but wanted to support our product, along with women in business,” Evans said. “We had to buy new tools, new materials, so to have the support of everyone was inspiring.”According to Evans, families are giving rave reviews on her Etsy shop, and are particularly pleased with the quality of the playsets.“We have lots of repeat customers. Some people will start with a sensory bin stand, and their kid will love it so much, they buy a mud kitchen or tool bench,” Evans said.last_img read more

Rohee praises Blanhum for crime solving

first_img…credits Police/civilian collaboration for successGeneral Secretary of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP), Clement Rohee believes the Guyana Police Force (GPF) is finally paying heed to the public’s advice in the fight against crime and that may very well be responsible for the recent success the force has been enjoying when it comes to solving a number of cases in recent months.Rohee, a former Minister of Home Affairs, told the weekly news conference on Monday that the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) seems to be finally listening to civilians and not believing that they know it all.He said there was a time when civilians were ignored and disregarded to the detriment of successful investigation and prosecution.“Making effective use of human intelligence and civilian common sense is the way to go,” Rohee said, adding that, “dispersing CID sleuths to areas where useful information can be obtained is proving to be productive and effective.”He said making judicious and selective use of informants with well-established networks and connections’ importance in crime fighting.The former security minister, who up to recently, criticized the force for not being able to tackle the country’s spiralling crime situation, said also closer collaboration between Special Branch and CID has always been on the agenda and expressed satisfaction that this has finally been accomplished.“Special Branch is the main intelligence-gathering unit of the Guyana Police Force. Their work must be fused with criminal intelligence if continued success is to be assured,” Rohee asserted. He however warned that police investigators must uphold the ethics and rules of good professional policing.Rohee in commending Crime Chief Wendell Blanhum for his success urged that the Senior Superintendent of Police be promoted to Assistant Commissioner immediately, a rank commensurate with that of the position of Crime Chief.“However, Blanhum must at all times refuse instructions and directives of a non-professional and political nature,” Rohee warned.Over the past few months, the department has been praised by the public for its efforts in solving a number of crimes, including cold cases.Among some of the major successes are a breakthrough in the February 2008 murder of 76-year-old businessman Habiboodean for which the man’s 50-year-old daughter Bibi Habiboodean and the hit-man have been charged.The most recent success was on Sunday when investigators made a quantum leap in solving the 2010 disappearance of former BK International employee Babita Sarjou, as they dug up her skeletal remains in the Seaforth Street, Campbellville, residence of the woman’s estranged husband.Sarjou, who at the time of disapperance lived at Timehri Public Road, East Bank Demerara, left her desk and computer unattended at work in November 2010 but never returned.Her family and police have since been seeking her whereabouts. The police have also managed to solve a number of recent crimes, including robberies and murders. Only recently the force boasted of a 19 per cent reduction in serious crimes thus far for 2016.last_img read more

Learning to be better leaders

first_imgParticipants on Common Purposeleadership development courses areasked to use their skills and experience to tackle real problems faced by communities and organisations.(Image: Common Purpose) MEDIA CONTACTS • Dr Elsbeth Dixon  CEO, Common Purpose SA  +27 11 836 6348 or +27 83 200 1578 RELATED ARTICLES • Obama inspires tomorrow’s leaders • SA’s women leaders unite for change • SA to host One Young World 2013 • Gore to address conference in SA • Gallery: new campus shapes leadersJanine ErasmusThe South African chapter of leadership development organisation Common Purpose is helping the country’s leaders to be more effective by giving them a deeper understanding of people, places and other organisations.Established in 2000, Common Purpose South Africa belongs to a worldwide network that operates in 12 countries.“Its purpose is to create stronger leaders, because we can achieve more and work better together when we understand each other,” said the organisation’s CEO Elsbeth Dixon.To achieve this, Common Purpose courses are run on a group structure. Each group is hand-picked so as to include a wide range of personalities and careers. Potential participants must fill in an application, which is then scrutinised by an advisory panel made up of an equally diverse mix of volunteers.The selection process ensures that the group will not be dominated by people from any particular community, sector or organisation. In their own environments, members of advisory panels encourage eligible individuals to apply, which helps to maintain the diversity.“Diversity helps our participants to see the bigger picture around them, to recognise new possibilities, and to look at their surroundings with a fresh and optimistic eye,” added Dixon.Finding common groundParticipants are drawn from all levels of society and stages of life, from school level up to retirement age and from communities to corporates. A representative mix of people from the non-profit, public and private sectors is selected.For instance, said Dixon, a traditional healer might find themselves sitting beside an engineer, or a chef will rub shoulders with an NGO manager. She added that the idea is to help people of different backgrounds and cultures to find common ground as leaders, and gain a greater understanding of how other organisational structures work.In this way participants get to work with positive role models, expand their professional connections, become more tolerant of the views of others, and learn to see diversity as a strength rather than a weakness.Common Purpose courses take participants out of the classroom and into the community. Here they will visit places they may not normally go to, such as prisons; housing developments; government departments; hospices; or corporate headquarters. As a group they use their leadership abilities to tackle real-life problems experienced by these places, working to find practical solutions.Once the course is over, postgraduate events such as dinners, refresher courses or short get-togethers, help to maintain the connections made and keep the motivation levels high.Events are posted on the dedicated website for alumni, the Common Purpose 360, for which Common Purpose graduates may register. A mailing list helps to ensure that all registered users are kept informed of new developments and upcoming events.Results of a 2009 survey conducted by the organisation revealed that 74.1% of respondents now felt they had gained a new, better way of looking at society, while 60.3% considered themselves to be a better leader because of their experience. The majority – 82.8% – felt it had exceeded their expectations.Bringing together South Africa’s leadersCourses are of varying duration and take place in Johannesburg and Cape Town. They are aimed at people of specific ages and at different stages in their careers.The Navigator, Meridian and International Navigator courses are on offer for rising leaders, established leaders and early to mid-level leaders respectively.The latter course brings together people from different countries as well as backgrounds.Customised and in-house courses are also available.The Navigator course runs for runs for six weeks, beginning and ending with two compulsory sets of three days. For those with busy schedules, there is an extended version that runs for five months. Before being allowed to graduate, all participants must have put in 50-60 hours of attendance.The Meridian course runs over five months and requires participants to attend three sets of three days at the beginning, middle and end, with between 60 and 90 hours of attendance required for graduation.For both courses, in between the meeting days, the leaders work in small groups on real-life situations such as a casualty unit, a radio station or a rehab centre, finding ways to address problems that may exist.Common Purpose board member Kuben Naidoo, of South Africa’s National Planning Commission, attended a course in 2002 and said that it opened his eyes to the different challenges faced by different facilities.“We went to visit a recycling plant in Soweto, a police emergency call centre, a prison and a stock exchange where we got to see how markets work,” he commented on the Common Purpose website.“During my time on the course I learned about the Starfish Foundation which runs Aids hospices in South Africa. I was very interested in what they were doing and I subsequently decided to help by attending their strategic planning meetings, helping them to become more efficient.”This is what Common Purpose hopes to achieve – that South Africa’s leaders share their skills and experience to improve the lives of their fellow citizens.Looking to the futureCommon Purpose also offers a leadership course for Zimbabweans in the South African and UK diaspora. This allows Zimbabwean leaders to continue to develop their skills and connections so that when the time comes, they will be able to make a difference to their country’s growth.“We’re laying the groundwork for future changes,” said Dixon.This course is not available in Cape Town.Top of Formlast_img read more

Africa is becoming increasingly attractive to retailers

first_img27 November 2014African-focused trading firm CFAO Group has created a “club of brands” – a network of international brands – that will target the rising African middle class. The first members of the club are toy seller La Grande Recre (Ludendo), cosmetics brand L’Occitane en Provence, Beaumanoir’s fashion brands Cache Cache and Bonobo, and Kaporal. CFAO will operate the sales outlets of these new partners in Africa under exclusive agreements that include franchises, brand and distribution concessions, and distribution agreements. The club will ultimately include about 20 brands. The retailers will have outlets in CFAO’s shopping centres in eight African countries: Cameroon, Congo, Cote d’Ivoire, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Gabon, Ghana, Nigeria and Senegal. L’Occitane won’t be available in Senegal. The launch of this club of brands coincides with the opening of CFAO’s first mall in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire, in 2015. High growth market“CFAO acts as a catalyst for the development of international brands in Africa and as a springboard for brands that view the continent as a real growth lever. With our experience and our approach to consumption in Africa, we give them access to a high growth market,” said Xavier Desjobert, the chief executive of CFAO Retail. Jean-Michel Grunberg, president of Ludendo, said: “This franchise agreement bolsters La Grande Recre’s international presence. Our expertise in toys and the strength of our brand concept are key in satisfying Africa’s new consumption needs.”The African middle class is expanding rapidly on the back of strong economic growth. According to the International Monetary Fund, seven of the 10 countries that will experience the strongest growth between 2011 and 2015 are in Africa. In sectors related to services and consumption, revenue on the continent is expected to increase by between 4% and 5% per year by 2020, according to McKinsey, while the number of households bringing home annual revenue of more than $5 000 is likely to rise to 130-million compared with 85-million today. First five members La Grande Recre is a market-leading brand with 255 stores in France and elsewhere. Its concept is based on a quality range of toys and games. L’Occitane group has 2 715 sales outlets worldwide. It is a natural and organic ingredient cosmetics and well-being products manufacturer and retailer with roots in Provence, France. Beaumanoir group, which has more than 2 700 sales outlets worldwide, is pursuing its international development strategy through a “multistore concept” which sees several brands housed under one roof, such as fashion brands Cache Cache and Bonobo. Kaporal was created in 2004 in the home of Marseille denim. It is known for its daring and creative clothing range. CFAO, a subsidiary of Toyota Tshusho, the Toyota Group trading arm, is Africa’s biggest supplier of cars, trucks and pharmaceuticals. It has operations in 37 countries, including 34 in Africa. SAinfo reporter and CFAO Grouplast_img read more

New MIT OpenCourseWare Initiative Aims to Improve Independent Online Learning

first_imgRelated Posts 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market audrey watters Tags:#E-Learning#NYT#web A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai…center_img MIT OpenCourseWare is launching five new courses today that mark a new model for one of the world’s premier open educational resources. These OCW Scholar courses are designed for use by independent learners, and like the other material made available through MIT OCW, are freely available for anyone to pursue. These aren’t distance learning classes – there is no instructor, no contact with MIT, no credit. But the courses are meant to be stand-alone offerings, not requiring any additional materials for learning.Although MIT OpenCourseWare may have become synonymous with the move to online education, it’s worth noting that the original expectation of the initiative was that by making the university’s course content freely and openly accessible, other educators would use the syllabi, lecture notes, tests and assignments to design their other courses. It’s apparent, however, that the most of the people using the site are there as learners, not as teachers.The OCW Scholar courses are aimed at providing these learners with a more complete set of materials, so that those taking the courses needn’t turn elsewhere for other resources – such as journal articles – in order to complete the curriculum. These new OCW courses combine materials from multiple MIT courses, and the OCW team has worked with university faculty and teaching assistants to create new materials specifically designed for this project. The Physics 1 class, for example, contains a set of video lectures from MIT physics professor Walter Lewin, a set of course notes (replacing the need for a traditional textbook), a set of class slides, homework problems, homework help videos (in which Lewin helps learners through solving the problems), links to related materials, and an online study group at OpenStudy where you can connect with other independent learners.MIT OCW plans to publish 20 OCW Scholar courses over the next three years, all focused on introductory college-level science, math, engineering and other foundational subjects. This first set of courses that launch today include 8.01SC Physics I, 8.02SC Physics II, 18.01SC Calculus I, 18.02SC Calculus II and 3.091SC Introduction to Solid State Chemistry.The OCW Scholar courses are a new approach to MIT OpenCourseWare, but as the program notes, this is meant to complement not replace the other OCW publications. “We’re still committed to publishing MIT’s materials as we always have,” says OCW Executive Director Cecilia d’Oliveira, “and our core publication continues to provide tremendous value to educators and students around the world. With OCW Scholar, we are enhancing our support for independent learners and building on what we’ve accomplished with the rest of the site.”As we recently reported, MIT OpenCourseWare has continued to grow in popularity, with 9.6 million visitors last year and tens of millions of files downloaded from the site, from YouTube and from iTunesU. The expansion of the program is meant to increase the scalability of OCW, making sure that more people can have access to these educational resources. Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hostinglast_img read more

Jamaicans Urged To Share Quality Time On Family Day

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppKINGSTON, July 31 (JIS): Jamaicans are being encouraged to come together and share quality time as a family on Sunday, August 2.The day is being designated as Family Day by the Ministry of Youth and Culture as part of activities to celebrate Jamaica’s 53rd Independence.“Families are encouraged to organise reunions and family excursions. The day is one to reconnect with our roots and to bolster the ties that bind,” said Executive Director of the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC), Delroy Gordon.Mr. Gordon, who was speaking at a recent JIS Think Tank, said the JCDC hopes that Family Day will be extended beyond the nuclear family and that persons will reach out to their relatives across the island as well as overseas.He said in addition to the activities at the Independence Village at Ranny Williams Entertainment Centre in Kingston, families can visit attractions and historic sites such as Port Royal, Hope Gardens, and Devon House.Mr. Gordon said proprietors and operators of these attractions are being encouraged to offer reduced prices for entry on Family Day. Recommended for you BEACHES TCI CONFIRMS LIE DETECTOR; DENIES MASS LAYOFFS Related Items:family day, jamaicans, quality timecenter_img Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Jamaican Government facing 500 cases of baby virus in schoolslast_img read more

Former police gunned down three being hunted

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppAnother brazen daytime heist is exposing a sickening trend for the Turks and Caicos and the prevalence of firearms on the streets of Provo. A veteran former police officer and owner of Tag Security Services, Alboin Williams was struck and survived the shooting said to be at point blank range while on a money pick up for Sunny Foods grocery store on Sunday. Williams, was fired upon several times, reportedly while he was down on the ground by assailants who tried to flee the scene in Five Cays but may have failed in that attempt. Police confirmed to Magnetic Media that multiple suspects were in custody being questioned in the case, and a nearby a white sedan was undergoing forensic testing as it is believed a suspect vehicle, aka, the possible getaway car. “The culprits who were described as 5’4”, 5’9” and 5’11” all dark complexion and medium built, got away with an undisclosed amount of cash. Presently, there are two men in police custody assisting in the investigations.”As for Williams, it was unconfirmed up to news production time what condition the man, said to be in his 50s was in… but he did survive the ambush and was taken to hospital for treatment. In an unrelated incident, Police on Friday updated that they found the 2004 Nissan March which was stolen with personal items from a tourist family in North West Point, Provo last Thursday. The car was found ditched in Five Cays in bushes near the beach. Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Related Items:last_img read more